Gaziantep expands transport facilities

Gaziantep expands transport facilities
Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality is still aiming to increase the Rail System project, which has a length of 21 kilometers, to 3 kilometers after the completion of the 55rd Stage Railway System Project.
The municipality, which focuses on expanding public transportation opportunities, will receive another 50 new buses in the coming period after 80 buses, 107 of which are natural gas powered.
shining star of the export Gaziantep, Turkey, is growing project focused on the decentralization process. According to the 6th of Turkey's population was concentrated in the big cities as centers of Gaziantep prominent public transit projects. The length of the rail system of Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, which started to carry its first passengers in 2011, reached 21 kilometers. After the completion of the 3rd Stage Railway System Project in the city, the network length will increase to 55 kilometers. Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality President Asım Güzelbey stated that they bought 50 new buses, 80 of which are working with natural gas, that will serve in public transportation, and said that they will buy 107 new buses in the new period. We talked with Güzelbey about her recent studies and future goals.
Which projects did you finalize?
Gaziantep; 1 million 700 thousand inhabitants according to the population of Turkey with 81 centers in 6 provinces, the 8th largest city in the general population of the province. The total length of the line, which was the continuation of the 1st Stage Rail System, which was completed by the Department of Science Affairs and started to carry passengers on March 2011, 1, was 6 kilometers. With the introduction of Karataş Stage, the length of the Light Rail System in our city, which was previously 15 kilometers, has reached 21 kilometers. We have carried 1 million passengers since March 1, when it was put into service only with the 5,5st Stage Rail System. We completed the 2011nd Stage Karataş Line, which we laid the groundwork in June 2, in a very short time like 1 year. Test runs of this stage have also been completed. With this project, we enable 300 thousand people living in Karataş Region to reach the city center easily. After the completion of the 3rd Stage Railway System Project, we will have a 55 km network.
Are there any transportation projects to be commissioned in 2013?
There are 2004 bridged crossroads that we have brought to Gaziantep since 11. In our city, which is growing day by day, we supported this with alternative road opening studies that will remove the increasing number and density of vehicles. Because one of our biggest problems was the weakness of the settlements' connections with the city center. After the infrastructure, we worked to increase the number of public transportation vehicles and vehicle capacities in urban transportation. We signed with company officials for the procurement of 50 new buses, 80 of which are natural gas powered systems, which will serve in public transportation, especially the rail system. Then, in the coming period, we will put 107 new buses into the service of the people of the city.
Number of towns: 9
Current length of rail system: 21 km
Targeted length of rail system: 55 km
Agreement with the new bus: 80
New bus to be taken in the coming period: 107

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