Farewell to Historical Stations


Historical Stations: Within the scope of 'Marmaray' Project, which is described as 'TCDD Century Project', it has begun to renovate the historical suburban lines of Istanbul. Some stations are planned to be rebuilt within the scope of the works

The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD), 29 scheduled to enter service in October linking Asia and the bottom of the sea for the European continent "Century Project" began its improvement efforts in the railway line to be converted into surface metro part of the Marmaray.

Within the framework of the works, Istanbulites, books, poems and movies, sad places of separation and reconciliation will leave some of the historical train stations.

Studies started

Within the scope of Marmaray, TCDD will be transformed into superficial metro Haydarpaşa-Pendik and Sirkeci-Halkalı between the train lines and stations.

According to the information received from TCDD, all of the existing stations will be renewed within the scope of the works. Marmaray stations will be made mid-platform. According to the project criteria, some of Istanbul's old stations will be renewed and some of them will be rebuilt and some will be rebuilt.

Within the scope of Marmaray, the existing suburban system will be closed in stages to transform it into a surface metro. Kazlıçeşme-Halkalı from 1 March, the train traffic will be interrupted. Transportation will be provided by the buses in the course.

The suburban trains will continue to be operated between Yedikule and Sirkeci. A train will run every 15 per minute on this track.

Within the scope of the works, construction sites will proceed in stages. In this context, the existing line between Pendik and Gebze was closed in 29 April 2012. Haydarpaşa-Pendik line is expected to be closed during the summer period of 2013.

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