Etihad Railway to increase national income

Etihad Railway to increase national income
It is reported that the Etihad (Unity) Railway which is still under construction in the United Arab Emirates from the Gulf countries will contribute around $ 2030 to the country's gross national product as of 1. The economic return of the railway is expected to reach 15,5.
At a conference last week, Graeme Overall, the Etihad Railway business development manager, said the first phase of the railway network, which would cost 11 billion dollars, would save over half a billion dollars in the UAE economy.
When the second phase of the railway construction is completed, cargo will begin to move within the country. Etihad Railway has signed a transportation agreement with 14 company which is active in chemical, logistic and agriculture sectors.
For the third phase, the official said that the tender had not yet reached, at this stage the railway will have reached other emirates also noted. The first phase is expected to be completed by the end of this year. In the second phase, the capital Abu Dhabi and the commercial center of Dubai will be connected by rail.
The length of the Etihad Railway, which will also be connected to the Gulf Cooperation Council Railway network, will find one thousand 200 miles within the United Arab Emirates. Next stage in railway through Turkey that aims to reach Europe.

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