Eskişehir tram works stopped or did not start at all?

Is Eskişehir tram work stopped again or have I never started?
In recent days the work of the tram resumed as the news in the local press, but the work has not yet started to cause the reaction of citizens. NEVER WORKING AT THE MIDDLE OF NEGOTIATION, LIKE THE PUBLIC OWN WORKING, I am reacting in the form of the people who react as unscheduled. If the forces of affairs hurt us, a study would be unplanned. The works are as if the first tramway works were brought to the time when the citizen went to the polls and manipulated with the fear of the citizen. They are trying to ruin our psychology by wanting to undergo my oppression by turning all the places into half, but turning the entire neighborhood into the excavator. If this is the intentions they have achieved .. They expressed their reaction ..
For years, we are blocking us excuses with the excuse for everything they do, pralarını prepared, despite the tenders are blocked, they said they gave .. GOOD TO NOW IS KEEP OFF. .
Aside from the excitement of voting from the election, they should leave aside the half-job. He expressed his reactions and asked the authorities to hear their voices.

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