Is the subway system in Sakarya

Is the subway system in Sakarya
Metropolitan Municipality completed the stopping points and prepared to put into service the name of the rail transport system for the research. For this reason, the 8 has suggested over a thousand citizen names. We have researched similar works in places.
For example, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, the name of the transportation of the rail system, not the two points between the suburban flights, taking the name of the transportation of Izmir suburbs 'İZBAN' has put.
The same made in us yapılan
It's nothing but suburban service. So there is no rail system reaching every part of the city. As such, is it possible to say that the proposed names are related to the voyages made and that this is evocative?
Of course not.
Then we wanted to recommend the road close. Come think more healthy about this. The service that will be put into service between Arifiye-Adapazarı and rented with two train sets should be the name of Sakarya Suburb 'SAKBAN'. We don't know what we can tell?

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