During the privatization of Kangal Thermal Sold has TÜDEMSAŞ

During the privatization of Kangal Thermal Sold has TÜDEMSAŞ
Nationalist Movement Party Sivas Province Chairman Kürşad Ergün stated that Kangal Thermal Power Plant was sold and TÜDEMSAŞ was next. He said that the name is not to privatize.
The tender for the privatization of the Kangal Thermal Power Plant, which occupies the entire Sivas agenda, has been held for a while. Some may say that it is customization, but in our opinion, the name is very clear. Betrayal The AKP manager, provincial chairman, district chairman, council members, even deputies, without even removing the situation to monitor the situation in the eyes of the Custody.
Electricity Generation Inc. is used by Kangal Thermal Power Plant and Power Plant. and the sale of the real estates owned by the Treasury and the privatization tender for the fields covered by the mining licenses.
The highest figure in the privatization tender of Kangal Thermal Power Plant was given by Konya Şeker-Siyahkalem partnership. The amount given was 985 million dollars. Looking at this money, everyone understands that this tender was taken. At the expense of none, one of the most important production sources of Sivas was sold. Even the member of parliament, Mr. Bilgin, who mentioned that he was active in the government although Kangal, did not hesitate to give an image that supports the event which did not object to the event. I'm asking, Mr. Bilgin, which side will you go to your constituency? You don't think Kangal's going to go down on kangal history?
As a result of privatization, all the people who take their bread to the house working in the Kangal Thermal Power Plant will do what they will do, what will be their fate, who will serve the lifeblood of Kangal, Who will pay this account? I believe that Kangal and Sivas people will of course give the answer to those responsible.
When I said that there are some of the rulers of the AKP, I objected. We have seen in the research that we really have the TÜDEMSAŞ. TÜDEMSAŞ, the lifeblood of Sivas, was included in the privatization order. Dear Minister and deputies ham local elections, we leave us in a difficult position ik that they objected and resist the privatization of TÜDEMSAŞ was left after the local elections. But their power is enough. Mr. Minister and Deputies will try to cover this work as much as they want or cover them.
I do not know how the deputies of the AKP and the Minister of National Defense will look at Sivas's face when their term of office expires. After all this betrayal, the people of Sivas should ask the responsible people to account. Otherwise, Sivas will be condemned to be a village that will continue to lose its values.

Source : http://www.sivasmedya.net

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