Abant Gölcük and Yedigöllere Teleferik

Bolu Mayor Alaaddin Yilmaz; Gölcük, Abant and Yedigöller said they hoped to do hotel and ropeway projects in places like.

Mayor Yılmaz announced new projects waiting for Bolu in the following years. Speaking at the exit of the exterior repair auction of the buildings on Izzet Baysal Avenue, Mayor Yilmaz said, “I did not follow the tender but the tender continues to give Izzet Baysal Street its final form. The weather is going well. Hopefully these works will speed up. Meanwhile, the Town Square tender is also over. Hopefully the contractor will start working as soon as possible. Since the street will be completely reserved for pedestrians, we wanted the exterior of the buildings to have a view. We made a tender before and it was canceled. A new tender was held today. I hope he bought a good company. We hope it will finish very quickly. Also, you follow the auctions better than we do. I thank you, too. ” he spoke.


Mayor Yılmaz stated that the Paşaköy Junction is very important for the future of Bolu and said, “This is our single bridge junction. That is the intersection that will perform the main task. The overpass is complete, but the underpass is not over yet. We are expanding the Paşaköy road. İzzet Baysal Caddesi was a 17-meter road. We increased the Paşaköy road to 30 meters, and Bolu's main entrance will now be there. The second stage is taking the D-100 Highway to the South. We finished the roughly 2,5 kilometers of road. After that road is completed, Bolu's second entrance will be from Karacasu direction. This will be perceived as a kind of somersault of the city. To date, there were those who were stuck at Cici Taxi Junction. I don't always get stuck on 'Cici Taxi Junction'. It will not be spoken in the future. There were many deaths there. We made a study to reduce those deaths. Nobody has died so far. Unfortunately, we cannot agree with the difference between our horizons and the horizons of those who try to shoot us. When we slide the D-100 Highway to the South, the existing road will be a huge ventilation area with a width of 80 meters. This place will be completely banned from traffic. It will become a shopping, entertainment, relaxation and shopping center. It will be the only ventilation area in the world that passes through the middle of the city. The first city in the world will be Bolu. This city will be a city worth living. ” spoke in the form.


Abant Nature Park is one of Turkey's most important tourism areas, Golcuk and Seven Lakes National Park is a new idea for the President stating Yilmaz, he said they want to build hotels in this area and the cable car line. Yılmaz continued as follows: “Our work on the lake continues at the Olympic facility in Karaçayır. All water sports can now be done right in the heart of the city. From the outside, it will be said that 'There is this in the province', not 'There is this in Bolu'. These studies are all interconnected and parallel studies. Hopefully hotels and cable car problems will be solved on the hills of places such as Gölcük, Abant and Yedigöller. Ever since we took office, we have been dealing with projects that will carry Bolu to the future. We want them to criticize us with what we do, but we cannot reach this level. ”

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