Abant Gölcük and Yedigöllere cable car project on the road

Abant Gölcük and Yedigöllere cable car project on the road

Bolu Mayor Alaaddin Yilmaz; Gölcük, Abant and Yedigöller said they hoped to do hotel and ropeway projects in places like. Yilmaz, giving the good news about the projects waiting for Bolu, şehr The only ventilation area in the world through the heart of the city will be in Bolu. Bolu will be the first city in the world. Dün

Abant Nature Park, one of the major tourist areas of Turkey, Golcuk and Seven Lakes Chairman Yilmaz, indicating that new thinking for the National Park, said they want to build hotels in this area and the cable car line. Yilmaz, said: le We are working on the lake in the olympic plant in Karaçayır. All water sports can now be done in the heart of the city. Now, from the outside, 'This is not in the province', 'Bolu' had this' will be called. These studies are all interconnected and parallel studies. Hopefully, hotels and ropeway problems are solved to the hills of Gölcük, Abant and Yedigöller. Since we took office, we are always dealing with projects that will carry Bolu to the future. We want to criticize us with what we do, but we can't reach this level. Only the city square on the 19 acres of red apocalyptic detachments. In fact, we could not explain that we were trying to transform into a gigantic foliage and park in 130 thousand square meters. But the real people Bolulular. There are those who cannot perceive. We also welcome them. Without them, we cannot take this joy and speed. We service service.

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