Annual 26 million tons of cargo will be transported in TCDD's logistics centers

Annual 26 million tons of cargo will be transported in TCDD's logistics centers
The 8.5 logistics mecez, which will create a logistics area of ​​approximately 16 million square meters, will provide an additional carrying capacity of 26 million tons per year. TCDD will have a maximum share of 5 in the ongoing logistics centers.
16 logistics center, which is being constructed by TCDD, will provide 26 million tons of additional transportation annually to the Turkish logistics sector and 8,4 will gain a million square meters logistics area. The centers are expected to be completed by 2020 and will be fully operational. By TCDD İstanbul (Halkalı/ Yeşilbayır), Izmit (Kosekoy), Samsun (Gelemen), Eskisehir (Hasanbey), Kayseri (Bogazkopru), Balikesir (Gokkoy), Mersin (Yenice), Usak, Erzurum (Palandoken), Konya (Kayacik), Denizli (Kaklik) , Bilecik (Bozuyuk), Kahramanmaras (Turkoglu), Mardin, Kars, Sivas, including 16 in the separate region of the logistics center projects are planned to be fully operational until 2020. While the logistics centers are expected to provide approximately 26 million tons of additional transportation facilities and 8,4 million square meters of logistics space annually to the Turkish logistics sector, TCDD expects the private sector to support the logistics centers, which are mainly built on railway operations. Deputy Chairman of the TCDD Load Office Bilgin Recep Bekem, Samsun, who gave information about the latest status of the ongoing centers HalkalıSaid that the logistics centers in Uşak were opened and the first phase of construction works in Denizli, İzmit, Eskişehir and Kayseri was completed. Reminding that TCDD has a maximum share of% 5 among the logistics centers, Bekem said, merkez When it comes to the logistics center, the association of non-governmental organizations, local administrations, chambers of commerce and industry come together. We made the beginning of this as TCDD. We would like to see the logistics centers in our country grow not only with the contributions of TCDD, but also with the support of civil society organizations in our country. We want to operate in large areas with the participation of capital S.
In addition, Recep Bekem stated that DLH and TCDD are continuing their activities for the establishment of a global logistics center in order to provide efficient logistics services in Istanbul, Izmir, Mersin and Samsun, one of the important commercial centers, in Izmir Kemalpaşa by DLH and private sector in Mersin. He continued that the establishment of a logistics center in Tashkent.
Gökköy Logistics Center will be opened at the end of 2013
Bekem, who made a statement on the latest status of the ongoing logistics centers, stated that they are working on an area of ​​6 million square meters with the capacity of carrying 1 million tons in Yeşilbayır, Istanbul, but that 10 has the opportunity to grow up to million square meters.
Balıkesir Gökköy Logistics Center, as well as the existing transportation options, the Tekirdağ-Bandırma Train-Feri Project and Baku-Kars-Tbilisi Railway Project, which is designed to integrate Recep Bekem, said that the plant is planned to open at the end of the 2013. From here, mainly automobiles, container, hardboard, MDF, marble products, foodstuff, kaolin, fibers and synthetic materials, beverages, coal, military loads, iron ore and industrial products I Bekem indicating that made the move, to 1 million tons carrying capacity in Turkey logistics sector 211 emphasized that a thousand square meters of logistics space will be provided. Recep Bekem stated that the private sector is expected to grow with warehouses, warehouses and production facilities in the region.
Ongoing logistics centers:
Erzurum Palandöken Logistics Center, OSB is established next to the terminal. 437 thousand tons of carrying capacity 325 thousand square meters logistics area will save. With the logistics center to be built in Kayacık, Konya, 1,7 will be able to acquire 1 million square meters of logistics space with a carrying capacity of one million tons. Expropriation activities will continue to be carried from the center, such as coal, cement, marble, foodstuff, flour, feed, hay, fertilizer, container, military equipment, agricultural machinery, agricultural products. The logistics center which will serve to Bozuyuk OIZ in Bilecik will have a capacity of 1,9 million tons and 400 thousand square meters area. The expropriation works are being carried out for the transportation of the finished goods produced by the supply of raw materials to the factories located in Bozüyük and surrounding areas. Uşak Logistics Center will also provide 246 thousand tons of logistic space to the Turkish logistics sector. 140 9 thousand square meter logistics area will be added to the sector with the transportation capacity of 896 thousand tons with the Mersin Yenice Logistics Center which was tendered in January.
The location of the Sivas Logistics Center, which is planned in parallel to the Sivas-Ankara High Speed ​​Train Project, is not yet clear. It is expected to be built on an area of ​​1 thousand square meters with the carrying capacity of 500 million tons. Kars-Tbilisi-Baku Project is planned to be integrated with the Kars Logistics Center, while 412 thousand tons of carrying capacity, while 316 bin logistics area is planned to be acquired
Mardin is 1,5 million tons of capacity will be established in the GAP Logistics Center with 316 thousand square meters is expected to contribute to Turkey's exports to Middle Eastern countries. The construction of the center is not currently active due to the turmoil in Syria. The application projects of Kahramanmaraş Türkoğlu Logistics Center will be received by TCDD on 9 March. This place will also provide 1,9 million tons transport and 797 thousand square meters logistics space.

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