Where the pointer turns on the bridge and motorways

Where the pointer turns on the bridge and motorways
Following the cancellation of the tender for the privatization of the bridges and highways, the public offering of the sale came to the agenda.
On the subject, Former Privatization Administration President Tezcan Yaramancı said that it is correct to say "the tender was not approved" instead of the expression "the tender was canceled".
Reminding that the approval of the Privatization High Council (ÖYK) is required for the tender to be finalized, Yaramancı said, “The auction process has been completed. The situation at the end of the process must be approved by the AGB. It seems that the approval cannot be given, ”he said.
Drawing attention to the fact that the value determination depends on the conditions, Yaramancı said, “What are the conditions expected to be fulfilled by the party to undertake privatization. For example, whether a price increase can be made, investments and so on. If the situation on these matters changes, of course the price may increase ”.
Mr. Yaramancı said that the price of the tender which was canceled was realistic as it was the result of the auction, and continued:
“From now on, higher prices may come if the conditions are arranged differently in the new tender. Public offering is possible. Turkish Airlines (THY) was offered to the public and privatized in the same way as before. I think that the Privatization Administration has prepared a new road map for the upcoming period. Within the framework of that road map, new offers are likely to come. "
Yaramancı pointed out that the aim in privatization is not only to provide money, but to aim the administration of the economic asset in the private sector logic and to operate more efficiently.
Üzeyir Doğan, Marbaş Securities Research Manager, stated that in order for bridges and highways to be offered to the public, it is necessary to establish a new SOE.
It is not yet clear in which way the possible public offering of bridges and highways will be carried out. kazanWhile mazken goes public, private companies go through a 9-stage process.
Accordingly, the company firstly applies to the Capital Markets Board (CMB) to be registered after preparing the necessary documents, and to the Istanbul Stock Exchange (ISE) to be traded in the relevant market.
The company, which later applied to the Clearing and Custody Bank and the Central Registry Agency, starts promotional activities to attract investors.
In the period when the ISE and CMB experts have examined the company, the missing information and documents in the application for public offerings and exchange transactions are completed and the company headquarters and production facilities are visited by experts and on-site examinations are made.
The results are reported after the completion of the IPO and public offering processes.
The process is completed when the company is placed in the stock market and started trading.

Source : I ekonomi.haberturk.co

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