What Happens Since 2004

What Happens Since 2004
TMMOB Chamber of Architects Istanbul Metropolitan Branch, TMMOB City Planners Chamber Istanbul Branch and United Transport Employees Union to Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality; Haydarpaşa Station, Kadıköy With “1/5000 Scale Haydarpaşa Train Station, which aims to transform the area where the Square and Harem bus terminals are located into culture, tourism and trade area. Kadıköy A lawsuit was filed with the request to stop the execution of the Master Plan for the Protection of the Square and its Surroundings and to cancel it.
What is going on since 2004 in Haydarpaşa?
Starting from the last periods of the Ottoman Empire, Haydarpaşa Train Station and its surroundings, which have witnessed very important events in the history of Istanbul and have been the gateway to Anatolia for many years, have the function of a key point for a large passenger mass in Istanbul today. Haydarpaşa Train Station and its surroundings are historical, cultural, social, functional and symbolic. For this reason, Haydarpaşa Station, which is in public ownership and use, has been decided by the Istanbul Board of Protection of the Cultural and Natural Heritage No. II on 21.08.1997 and numbered 4542. The group has been registered as a cultural asset that needs to be protected ”and taken under protection.
In 2004, under the heading “Haydarpaşa will be Manhattan”, the project, which was prepared for Haydarpaşa Port and its surroundings, was planned as the world trade center of the region, which includes the station and the port, and the government expects an income of 5-10 billion dollars from this project. In March 2005, it was announced that IMM will participate in the World Real Estate Fair, which will be held in Cannes with 20 “Vision Projects”, and will present these projects to the attention of the international real estate market and investors. Meanwhile, Turkey has been declared as the largest privatization project in the port of Haydarpasa Train Station and its environs, it took its place among the projects presented to the international real estate market.
After these news were met with great public reaction, the plans that opened the area to construction as a trade and tourism area did not pass the approval of the Istanbul Number 3 Protection Board due to the “lack of urban landscape, infrastructure balances and cultural texture in the foreseen concentrations of the region”. However, the plans are attached to the relevant boards by the General Directorate of State Railways General Directorate of Immovable Property in the letter no. 07.06.2005 of 3566. Kadıköy-Usküdar (Istanbul) was re-transmitted as 1/3000 scale plan and 1/1000 Scale Development Plan under the name of Haydarpasa Train Station and Port Area Approach Plan. These plans include the 20.07.2005 day and 438 numbered by the relevant Istanbul II Cultural and Natural Heritage Protection Board; It was not deemed appropriate to re-evaluate within the scope of the law numbered 20.07.2005 with the decisions of 792 and 2863 of the Istanbul III Cultural and Natural Heritage Protection Board. Upon these decisions, the General Directorate of State Railways Management; Registered with the decision of Istanbul Region Numbered Cultural and Natural Heritage Preservation Board of 20.07.2005, numbered 438, 240 islands; absent; 1 islands, 3 parcels were forwarded to the relevant boards again, claiming that it was not appropriate to determine them as protection areas. Having made an evaluation as a result of the retransmission of the plans to the board, the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Culture and Tourism Istanbul V Numbered Cultural and Natural Heritage Conservation Regional Board registered Haydarpaşa Station and its surroundings as Urban and Historical Sites with the decision numbered 4 and 2 April 240. However, this decision was not distributed to the relevant authorities for 14 months. On 26 June 2006, the Ministry of Culture sent the decision taken back to the Istanbul V No. Cultural and Natural Heritage Conservation Board for discussion. However, by repeating the correctness of the decision, emphasizing that it does not need to be changed, the Board decided that no new building could be made in this area until the Development Reconstruction Plan was prepared.
TCDD once again applied for the withdrawal of board decisions. However, the board reiterated for the third time with its decision dated March 26, 2006 and numbered 85 that the site decision taken with the decision dated April 21.06.2006, 167 and numbered 7 and the decision dated 2007 / 457 was correct. By the management of TCDD on June 25, 2007; A lawsuit was filed for the annulment of the board decision, which was approved three times, by applying to the Istanbul Administrative Court No. 1, on the grounds that the board, which performs its constitutional duty, is ineffective and that the site decision constitutes an obstacle to bring the Haydarpaşa Station to the country's economy. On 1 June 30 the decision of the 2008th Administrative Council of the Council of State was upheld on appeal by the TCDD in the case, which was rejected by the Istanbul 25st Administrative Court on 2010 January 6. On 30 November 2007, a protocol was signed between IMM and the General Directorate of State Railways regarding the 1/5000 Scale Haydarpaşa Station, Port and Backyard Preservation Master Plan and 1/1000 Scale Haydarpaşa Station, Harbor and Backyard Protection Implementation Plan. signed.
As can be seen from the developments in the planning process; only the date for the world not for Turkey and Istanbul, cultural, social, functional and industrial heritage attributes in Haydarpasa Train Station with symbolic value, in the planning of the harbor and the environment, relevant authorities and in particular the objectives taken as a basis by the Turkish State Railways management, historical functional and cultural values ​​inherent in the field of rather than developing and protecting short-term economic interests, it is clear that the area's ability to render and increase its construction capacity can be offered to private use.
According to the historical urban and cultural importance of the region and related committees and judicial decisions, Haydarpaşa Gar, Harbor and Back Field Conservation Development Plans are prepared on a protocol and in the plans with the subject of the case, the historical and cultural values ​​of the area are not developed and protected. The aim and purpose of royalty capability and construction capacity to be offered to the private use by increasing the priority has gained priority.
As explained in detail in the case file, the subject matter of the case, the subject, purpose and content in terms of law, protection and zoning legislation; planning, urbanization and planning techniques and principles; It has contradictions in planning principles and superior public race and it contains material errors. In case of continuation of the application, irreversible damages will be caused.

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