Festival started in Russia

Within the framework of the “Russia is skiing” events organized for the 31st time in Russia this year, the dog Çuça and over 25 thousand sports fans skied together.

It was observed that the goal of very few skiers competing to reach the target on the 10-kilometer track was the championship. The Russians had a fun weekend with their families, children and dogs, taking their skis and participating in the activities. Vasili Badayev, one of the competitors, said, “I just wanted to experience this. Because, ski organizations are held all over Russia. I don't want to win, I just wanted to be part of the event. " Russian Deputy Sports Minister Sergei Shelpakov stated that the aim of skiing activities is a healthy life and that sports and health are an inseparable duo. Mikhail Smirnov from the Tomsk region became the first skier to reach the finish line by crossing his opponent with a 3-second gap. While the champions were given awards at the end of the competition, the categories of women, children and old people were evaluated separately. It is stated that hundreds of thousands of people skied across Russia within the framework of the events.

Source: haberturk



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