There must be a fee for entering Bursa City Center by car

There must be a fee for entering Bursa City Center by car
One of the most important problems of Bursa is the congestion in urban transportation.
Recently, we started to feel this distress more because of transportation projects.
Today in the world of advanced cities in the city hours to enter the car is worth the price.
Intended to provide a certain rate of relaxation of urban traffic, public transportation is preferred.
However, citizens who complain about the high rates of public transportation, do not abandon the use of private vehicles despite the increase in oil prices.
Especially in the T1 route, where the construction of the tram continues, the intensity of traffic in recent times does not escape.
Like a time bomb.
They can't tolerate each other in the slightest mistake.
God forbid, anything can happen at any moment.
Authorities must produce solutions as soon as possible.
Or it will be late tomorrow.
Our suggestion is the restructuring of special vehicle entrances and exits on the routes where tram construction continues in the center of the city.
Single and double plate application should be applied if necessary. If these will not happen, certain fees must be charged to special vehicles entering the center of the city at certain times of the day.
Collected fees should be transferred to new alternative routes to be made after accumulating in a pool.
If this precaution is not taken from today, the T1 line may become unbearable.
Reminds us of the rest, the rest of the authorities.

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