Siemens high-speed train manufacturing technology Eurasia Rail Fair brings with Turkey

Siemens high-speed train manufacturing technology Eurasia Rail Fair brings with Turkey
Contributing to the development of rail transport systems worldwide with projects realized worldwide, Siemens is introducing the high-speed transportation vehicles at the Eurasia Rail Fair, which will be held between 7-9 March 2013. Siemens, as well as all the special promotional tool named recub rail electrification solution can be seen in one of Turkey brings to the fair.
Istanbul's activity gives rise to 100 years ago, the first electric tram, Siemens is now the largest rail transportation Turkey's recent investment in preparing to have a say in the high speed rail infrastructure. For the 20-developed high-speed trains today, Germany, Spain, China, Russia, England and France between France and France under the Eurostar line used in the line between Siemens, 7-9 March 2013 to be held in Istanbul Expo Center in Yeşilköy Eurasia Rail 2013 Fair is preparing to introduce.
Siemens Velaro high-speed trains, which have an 400 kilometer per hour, are considered the most environmentally and modern way of intercity public transportation. Spain finds in the hot weather of 50 degree, Russia's -xnumx'y finds conditions in the Velaro high-speed trains running smoothly, Turkey's different climatic and geographical conditions is among the most ideal product that can provide seamless service.
Modern and environment-friendly solutions for city rail transport
In addition to the Velaro high-speed trains, Eurasia Rail will also exhibit its products and solutions for urban transportation, and in this context, it also introduces Desiro commuter trains and the Vectron family of locomotives with Val and Inspiro series subway vehicles, which are widely used in different parts of the world and have proven its quality and durability. Both the Val and Inspiro and Vectron locomotives open the door to a sustainable transportation world with the recycling rate of 90, with the exception of their low energy consumption technologies.
Innovative rail electrification solutions combined with REcube
Not only in vehicle production but also in signaling and electrification solutions, Siemens has made a name for itself with its brand new REcube. Rail system SCADA control center software VICOS related simulation can be seen in the REcube also provides control of the whole station boards, the rail in the limits of the devices are provided to keep the limits. A special demo for the new type motor splitter, which is one of the latest developed products from Siemens, is also available in the REcube, which is a revolutionary energy-efficient solution that allows a train to utilize the energy it obtains during braking to move another train. There are also rigid catenary solutions which are on the agenda of many cities which benefit from rail transportation.
Eurais Rail xnumx'l voicing their opinions about Siemens Transportation and Logistics Systems Division Director Cüneyt Genç, work for the high-speed train production in Turkey for the first time last year held Eurais Rail Fair stated that they announced that this target, high-speed railway infrastructure investments in Turkey Parallel to its development, it becomes more concrete. This year, the new products and solutions within the scope of Eurasia Rail, except for the special promotion tool called REcube that they participated in the Young, continues: arac High-speed train technology, a special technology based on many years of development. Between the technology of the aircraft and the technology of aircraft, but closer to the aircraft technology, this technology can develop a very small number on the world. Siemens is not only one of the 2013 years of experience in rail systems, but also electrification solutions for vehicles other than vehicle production. we have this knowledge, Turkey is trying to use the high-speed train in the transition period. Today, our products and solutions at Euraisa Rail are the clearest indication of how much we are ready to do this job. Uz In the context of Euraisa Rail, Cüneyt Genç will deliver a presentation titled ve Rail System Vehicles and Domestic Production Facilities Eur on 100 March 8. 2013: Performed at 15.

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