Istanbul Erzincan low speed train to 7

Istanbul Erzincan low speed train to 7
Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Binali Yildirim said that Turkey's real return target speed train, 'We're in the tender this year between Erzincan-Sivas. Our high-speed train will go to Erzincan. When the high-speed train is done, the 2,5 hour between Erzincan and Ankara will be reduced to 7 hours between Istanbul and Erzincan. 7 hour hand ver Erzincan 'he said.
High-speed train from Ankara to Eskisehir, from Ankara to Konya and from Ankara to Istanbul this year, indicating that the Lightning, 'Ankara-Izmir continues. Ankara-Sivas continues. This year, the tender between Erzincan and Sivas, '' he said.

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