Citizens preferred during the semester break YHT

Citizens preferred during the semester break YHT
Due to the semester break, Konya-Ankara YHT voyages reached a full 100 percent.
Konya Station Manager Yalçın Tekkalmaz said that there was a great demand for YHT right after the schools went on vacation.
Stating that the occupancy rate on YHT flights has reached one hundred percent, especially on weekdays, Tekkalmaz said, “There is a hundred percent occupancy rate on weekdays. The intensity increases even more on weekends. Passengers and we were surprised by this density. "Previously, there was no problem with space on weekday trains," he said.
Tekkalmaz pointed out that there was an accumulation during the week after the schools were on holiday and emphasized that the citizens preferred YHT during the semester break.
Stating that there will not be any increase in the number of trips for now, Tekkalmaz said, “There is density. The trains are full, but there is no such problem. If there is an excessive density, additional measures may be considered. “We have 8 departures and 8 arrivals between Konya and Ankara”.
Tekkalmaz recommends that citizens who will use YHT buy their tickets a few days in advance, adding that the intensity is higher on morning and evening flights, especially at 06.45, 16.00, 18.00 and 20.30.

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