69 Unable To See The End Of Ayaş Tunnel In A Year

Ayas Tunnel
Ayas Tunnel

📩 23/02/2021 18:41

Don't 'crash' in the Unfinished Ayaş Tunnel! The construction of the project 69, which was launched 37 years ago, could not be completed despite spending a million pounds in 701 to date. The ministry 'from the collapse of the' he had to allocate about 3 million pounds.

The Ayaş Tunnel Project, which started with great hopes more than half a century ago, could not be completed despite the 21 government and 28 facing outlook. Now, while efforts are being made to revitalize, on the other hand, the benefit is paid to protect.

In order to reduce the travel time from 576 to 160 by decreasing the 416 mileage of 7,5 kilometers to 2,5 kilometers between 1943 and 1976 kilometers between the capital and Istanbul; Prime Minister Süleyman Demirel's el Ayaş Mouth ”to put the first mortar in the construction process of the tunnel was passed. In 1977, Deputy Prime Minister Necmettin Erbakan laid the foundation of Erkeksu entrance near Ayaş. When Erbakan laid the foundation, it was stated that the 10 kilometer 64 meter tunnel would be completed in 7 year. However, the predictions did not take place. In the 1980 years, the tunnel was not completed with the study at the beginning of 1990s, where Demirel was once again Prime Minister. During the MHP-DSP-ANAP coalition, the rehabilitation project came to the fore but did not get results. In the intervening time, the 8 kilometer of the 2 kilometer was left and the 701 kilometer part of the tunnel was spent and XNUMX million lira was spent in this process.

Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Binali Yıldırım stated the situation of the tunnel during the discussion of the 2011 budget of his ministry by saying: ül Let's not forget the days when our nation's high speed train dreams were buried in a tunnel. The Speed ​​Railway, whose foundation was laid at 1976, could not leave the tunnel between Sincan and Ayas. New graduates, who attended the groundbreaking ceremony of the 10 kilometer tunnel, retired. X

2 million 901 thousand pounds

The Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications dedicates every year to keep the tunnel alive. For the evacuation of water from 2001, 2007 has found 2 million 901 a thousand pounds since the 200 has been allocated. Metin Tahan, General Director of Infrastructure Investments, Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communication said, leşme A serious water is coming from the tunnel. 300-XNUMX thousand pounds are spent every year to maintain the tunnel. The company that is responsible for the project is working more than this. Pro

'Water hazard'

Tahan, who noted that they will play the Ayaş Tunnel, stated that the works were going on, and said: ı We will open a tunnel of 2 thousand meters for the completion of the tunnel. This project is important for the development of tourism. Çayırhan has the world's richest Trona mine deposits. We will ensure that the annual 1 million tons of mine transported to export ports will be transported in the most economical way by completing this project and will provide competition in the world market. We have etude study according to the instructions of the Minister. We are working towards improving the line.

For the 69 year-end tunnel, resuscitation work continues. Targets within the 2 thousand meters more tunnel opening.

Like an abandoned town

The area of ​​the tunnel is now an abandoned town. At the beginning of the construction area, the sign el Demirel Caddesi,, which indicates that the name of Süleyman Demirel, who put the foundation of the project at the beginning of the construction site, was given to the street, is remarkable. It is also not possible to enter the tunnel, which is closed to the mouth, through the mud formed by the water and between the reeds. The surrounding workshops and transformers are unavailable. While the majority of the rails leading to the tunnel remain under ground, the nearby petrol station is now abandoned to its fate.

Finally come alive

Beypazarı Mayor M. Cengiz Özalp stated that the Ministry is working to revive the Speed ​​Railway Project, which also includes the Ayaş Tunnel. Özalp stated that the environmental impact assessment (EIA) process has started for the project. Noting that the railway network, which has a very important place especially in the transportation and tourism of the district, has been prepared for the connection of Ankara-Beypazarı, yeri Beypazarı-İstanbul railway which has been continuing for years will finally become real. There will be a station in Beypazarı, and it will certainly make a great contribution to the tourism, economic and social aspects. Bey

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