3. EurAsia Rail Fair Conference Program


07 March 2013 (07 March 2013)

14: 30- 15:00 Süleyman KARAMAN (TCDD General Manager -Director of Turkish State Railways) - Present and future of railways; Railways; Today and the Future (Turkey-Turkey)
15: 00-15: 30 Y.Metin TAHAN (Director General of Infrastructure Investments - Director of Infrastructure Investments) - Marmaray and Metro Projects; Marmaray and Metro Projects (Turkey-Turkey)
15: 30-15: 45 Tea-Coffee Break
15: 45- 16:00 Bekir Gezer (EU General Affairs and External Müdürü- Foreign Affairs and EU General Director) - The importance of a balanced and Intermodal Transport and Railways in Turkey-EU Cohesion Policy; Balanced and Intermodal Transportation in Turkey's Harmonization US Politics Importance of Railways (Turkey-Turkey)
16: 00- 16:15 Javier Menendez BONILLA (EU Delegation, Economic and Social Policy Senior Vice President Head of Economy and Social Development Section, European Delegation to Turkey) - Turkey, EU railways in Where the reform process? ; Where is place of Turkey at EU Railway Reform? (Turkey-Turkey)
16: 15- 16:30 Erol ÇITAK (Railway Regulatory Director General-Director of Railway Regulation) - Legislation in Turkey after the Restructuring of Railways; Legislations after Turkish Railway Sector Restructuring (Turkey- Turkey)

08 March 2013 (08 March 2013)

10: 00- 10:15 Mag.Dr. Helmut MEELICH (Project Manager of the European United Nations Economic Commission- Project Manager at United Nations Economic Commission for Europe UNECE Trans European North-South Motorway) - Fast Freight Transport; High Speed ​​Freight Transportation (Slovakia - Slovakia)
10: 15-10: 30 Jindrich KUSNIR (Czech Republic Department of Transportation, Department of Railway Director, Ministry of Transport and Transportation) High Speed ​​Freight Transportation on Rails (Czech Republic)
10.30-10: 45 Dennis SCHUT (Head of the International Railway Union Research Unit - International Union of Railways (UIC); EU Funded High Speed ​​Freight Projects
10: 45-11: 00 Jesus APAYDIN ​​(TCDD General Director Assistant Vice Director of Turkish State Railways) - Turkey's High Speed ​​Rail Administration; High Speed ​​Train Operations in Turkey (Turkey-Turkey)
14: 00-14: 15 Patrice MAIRE (Linenless Solutions Manager- Catenaryless Solutions Manager - ALSTOM Transport) - Catenary Tramway System; Catenary System without Tramway (Turkey-Turkey)
14: 15-14: 30 Thomas SIEGEMUND (Product Management Director - BOMBARDIER Transportation) - Automatic Metros - Detecting Today and Tomorrow; Automated Metros- Sensing Tomorrov, Today (Germany- Germany)
14:30 - 14:45 Stefan AURICH (High Speed ​​Train System Renewal Manager- Manager System Engineering High Speed ​​Trains- KNORR BREMSE) - Challenges in High Speed ​​Brake Applications; Challenges in High Speed ​​Brake Applications (Germany- Germany)
14: 45: 15 Juan Pablo Barahona MERINO (Regional Director -TALGO) - Avril High Speed ​​Train Concept; Avril High Speed ​​Train Concept (Spain, Spain)
15: 00-15: 15 Tea-Coffee Break
15: 15- 15:30 Gürhan GÜRKAN (Project Management Group, Deputy Local Manager -Project Management Team, Local Manager, assistant to General Manager- HYUNDAI-ROTEM) New Generation High Speed ​​Train-HEMU-430X; New Generation High Speed ​​Train-HEMI-430 * (Turkey- Turkey)
15: 30- 15:45 Cüneyt GENÇ (Rail Systems and Transportation Department Director- Director of Department of Rail Systems and Mobility -SIEMENS Turkey) Rail System Vehicles and Domestic Production Facilities; Rolling Stocks and Domestic Production Possibilities (Turkey- Turkey)
15: 45- 16:00 Prof. Dr. Tuncer TOPRAK (Istanbul Technical University-Istanbul Technical University) - Certification Tests of Railway Vehicles; Certification Tests of Rail Vehicles (Turkey - Turkey)
16: 00- 16:15 Ömer YILDIZ (General Manager - General Manager - ISTANBUL ULAŞIM A.Ş) Domestic Railway Vehicle Production; Railway Vehicles Domestic Production (Turkey- Turkey)

09 March 2013 (09 March 2013)

10: 00- 10:15 Oktay ATÇALI (Sales Manager- Sales Manager -ARCELORMITTAL) Innovations in Rail Production, Mushroom Hardened Rails and Usage Methods; Improvements at the Rail Production, Head Hardened Rails and Usage Methods (Turkey-Turkey)
10: 15-10: 30 Ibrahim TOZLU (Ray Profil Rolling Mill Manager - Rail Profile Rolling Mill Manager - KARDEMIR Inc.) the Rail Damages and Causes (Turkey- Turkey)
10: 30- 10:45 John BRYANT (Global Sales Executive- Global Sales Executive- BENTLEY Systems, Dubai) Delivering and Maintaining Core Infrastructure with BIM Help; Delivering and Sustaining Through BIM. (UAE- UAE)
10: 45-11: 15 Prof.Dr.Erol TUTUMLUER (University of Illionis, USA) Bridge-fill transition zone; Bridge-Embankment Transition Zones (Invited Speaker) (USA-USA)
11: 15-11: 30 Tea-Coffee break
11: 45- 12:00 Prof.Dr. İlhan KOCAARSLAN (Istanbul University-Istanbul University) - Railway Safety and Security Management Systems: Case study; Railway Safety Management Systems- Case Study (Turkey-Turkey)
12: 00- 12:15 Roger-A. DIRKMEIER (Rail Systems General Manager- General Manager Rail Systems- FOGTEC Fire Protection) Intelligent Solutions for Fire Suppression in Railway Vehicles; The Smarter Way of Using Fire Protection in Rolling Stock Applictions (Germany-Germany)
12: 15- 12:30 Dr. Peter Stahl (General Manager- Managing Director- WAGNER Bayern GmbH) - Innovative Fire Prevention Solutions for Railway Vehicles; Innovative Fire Protection Solutions for Railway Vehicles (Germany - Germany)
12: 30- 12:45 Henrik ENGSTRÖMER (Project Manager - Project Manager - BOMBARDIER Transportation) - Regional ERTMS: Value and Capacity in Times of Economic Solutions; ERTMS Regional: Delivering Value and Capability in Economically Challenging Times (Germany –Germany)
12: 45-13: 00 Jean FEHLBAUM (NEXANS EMEA International Marketing Executive Vice President - VP Marketing for the EMEA International Division) Current Developments in Railway Infrastructure; Used for Railway Infrasturcture (Switzerland-Switzerland)
13: 00- 13:15 Norman FRISCH (Business Development Director for Railways Solutions - Business Development Director for Railway Solutions - HUAWEI) Railway safety; Railway Safety (China- China)
14: 00-14: 15 Oytun ASLAN (Sales Manager - Sales Manager- IVU Traffic Technologies AG) Advances in vehicle technology - Advances in Rail vehicle Technology (Germany- Germany)
14: 15-14: 30 Ibrahim OZ (Head of Railway Transport Association, Turkey) - The Effects of Restructuring on Railways to the Sector and Transportation; Effect of Restructuring on the Railway Sector and Transportation (Turkey- Turkey)
14:30 - 14:45 Dipl.-Ing. Türker AHİ (Project Consultant- Project Consultant- RAILISTICS GmbH) - Railway Vision 2050 in Global Market; Railway Vision 2050 in Global Market (Germany-Germany)
14: 45- 15:00 Pablo MARTORELLI  (Argentine Railway Institute President - Chairman- IAF - ARGENTINE INSTITUTE of RAILWAYS) Railway sector overview and new projects - Railway sector overview and new projects (Argentina-Argentina)
15: 00- 15:15 Maurizio MENEGHELLO (Railway Vehicles Team Leader - Rolling Stock Team Leader - RINA Services SpA) Introduction to the European Railways Market: CE Certification; EC Certification as Access to the European Railway Market (Italy- Italy)

Levent Özen - RayHaber CEO



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