Walking Carpet System Erciyes Ski Center Established on Sercel Plateau

Walking Carpet System Erciyes Ski Center Established on Sercel Plateau
The Moving Carpet System, which is produced only in Austria and Germany in the world, was produced by a company from Kayseri and was established in Erciyes Ski Center Serçel Plateau.
Akdemir Machinery Industry General Manager Ahmet Akdemir said that they produced the 200-meter-long closed band system called the Walking Carpet System within the Erciyes Master Plan carried out by the Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality and established it in Serçel Plateau.
This system is only in Austria and Germany in the world, expressing that the production is usually open on top of the Akdemir, closed the system on their own, the market price is much cheaper than the cost, stating that, ı the most important ski resort in the world, the Alpine's walking carpet is cheaper than the market price we want to produce, üret he said.
After participating in the winter tourism fair held in Kayseri, Akdemir stated that international companies had contacted them and that they learned that the important ski centers in the Alps and Azerbaijan have walking needs and that some companies from these regions contacted for production.
Akdemir also noted that a company from Germany offered to produce the walking carpet together. Ak Besides, we had discussions with the authorities of Muş Bulanık Ski Center. We learned that they need about 700 meters. Kartepe, Uludag, we have received information that there is a demand of Turkey's major ski resorts such as Palandöken. After the negotiations, we will establish the carpet system that will be walking to these ski resorts. Görüş
Akdemir stated that all the parts except the engine and reductor in the system are domestic products and they contributed to the national economy in this sense. The first one of the walking carpet produced in the 200 meter length is covered with Sercel Plateau Akdemir transfer, then the system to establish the Tekir and Develi said.
Explaining that the interior of the "Walking Carpet System", which is covered to prevent it from being covered by snow, is illuminated by using colored led bulbs, Akdemir said that if the lighting on the ski tracks is sufficient, ski lovers can use the system at night. Stating that ski enthusiasts can enjoy skiing all day long thanks to the band, Akdemir said, “The majority of ski lovers can ski several times a day because they have difficulty getting on the track and get tired. However, thanks to the walking carpet, they will be able to enjoy the pleasure of skiing over and over without getting tired. We think the system will be most useful for mothers and fathers. Because families who try to take their children to the top of the ski slope with sleds have a hard time. "Thanks to the walking carpet, the children will be able to climb to the top and slide themselves."
Akdemir, who stated that the safety panels and emergency exit doors are formed in the walking carpet having the capacity of carrying 60 tons per hour, and that the skiers will be on the band with the ski teams and they should provide the green and red light signaling placed on the band. Akdemir also stated that an emergency exit door was created at every 5 meter and that these gates would be used in case of possible negativity.

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