Speaking out loud, passengers were thrown away

Speaking out loud, passengers were thrown away
The young 25-year-old spoke loudly and unbuttoningly on his mobile phone on the metrobus he boarded in the evening. 5 security guards could not stand the passenger and the crow threw the pump out ...
It was last Wednesday. In the evening, we went to Zincirlikuyu with 5 of my friends from the company where I worked as a security officer. After waiting a few metrobuses, we realized that we could not travel by sitting, and we got on the metrobus to go standing together. When the Metrobus arrived at the Mecidiyeköy stop, it was even more full. So he continued on his way with the crowd worthy of his reputation. At the Çağlayan stop, this crowd grew even more. It became almost impossible to breathe. When we came to the Golden Horn stop, the phone of a 25-year-old boy standing next to me rang.
The young man who picked up the phone said, “What the hell are you my buddy? What's up?" started talking with. Of course, nobody says anything about the young person talking to his friend. However, the situation changed when this conversation was loud and in such a way that it could not be done on the street or at home. A few passengers muttered, but the young man talking loudly and laughing on the phone bothered us too. He didn't care if we were glaring at his face. Cevizliwe came to the vineyard. The young man's loud speech was continuing. Passengers said, “Brother, how many minutes have you been talking. Either leave your speech later or get off to talk, then get on. "You overwhelmed us tonight," they said, "What are you?" pretending to say made us angry.
Already at the bottom of my nose, I was the most listened and nervous. Five security guards have looked at each other without saying anything. We decided what we'd do with a slight smile. CevizliBefore the doors were closed in Bağ, all five of us, who were talking on the phone, were forced out of the metrobus. He didn't even know what was happening. The gates of the metrobus were closed and a quiet and peaceful journey towards Merter started. The passengers both thanked and were told that we kicked out the young man who spoke disrespectfully on the phone without saying anything. This remained an unforgettable memory for us in the metrobus.

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