YHT does not divide Manisa into two, it adds value

High Speed ​​Train (YHT) project will be divided into two parts of the city of Manisa to make a statement about the discussions TCDD Izmir Deputy Regional Director Muhsin Keçe, will be isolated and highly secure YHT Manisa line is planned as a whole with the lower and overpasses, contrary to the contrary, the line to Manisa added value and new attraction areas.
High Speed ​​Train system will be made on the existing rail system system due to the Mayor of Manisa Cengiz Ergun experienced in the city 'Manisa breaks in two' concern TCDD'dan response. Speaking at the Provincial Coordination Board Meeting, TCDD İzmir Deputy Regional Manager Muhsin Keçe stated that contrary to the concerns, the YHT line would provide added value to Manisa and bring new attraction centers.
Muhsin Keçe reiterated that the High Speed ​​Train Project will be constructed on the existing line connecting Manemen through Manisa and recalled that the Ministry of Transport considers that the expropriation will take a long time and that the existing railway line is suitable. Ankara-Izmir YHK line will pass through Turgutlu Pınarbaşı passenger transport line, freight transport line will be connected to Kemalpaşa said Muhsin Keçe, Manisa center through the line will connect to the tunnel to Menemen said.
Passing through the city, the High Speed ​​Train line is composed of 3 lanes and is 54 kilometers long. Within the scope of the completed project, 10 has announced the tender for the part of Kyrgyzstan.
High Speed ​​Train in the city center will divide the city in two discussions, emphasizing the importance of the value added to the city, Muhsin Keçe, contrary to the idea of ​​high-speed trains crossing points and the special High Speed ​​Railway Station will be the center of attraction stressed.
Keçe underlines the fact that the said line is to be built on a high platform, completely protected and that there is no danger for the citizens living in the region; Hızla 300 will be completely isolated from the circumference of the line that goes at the speed of the kilometer. In addition, while preparing the projects, the existing lower and overpasses on the line will be protected, and new, safe passageways will be created with the works to be done with the Directorate of Highways. Within the scope of the project, a special high-speed train station with state-of-the-art technology will be built in Manisa. YHT project will enable the creation of new centers of attraction in Manisa. Y

Source: ManisaHaberGazetesi

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