New Level Crossing Opened with Ceremony

Nazilli's traffic problem to continue to work to continue. During the transition from the Turan Quarter to the Republic Quarter, a new level crossing for the passage of time without any loss of time was put into service with a ceremony.
With Nazilli Municipality of the Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) months of construction work past the protocol signed between the start and 1 months was presented a short time completed the work in process at grade crossings a ceremony the public.
Nazilli Governor Mehmet Okur, Nazilli Mayor Haluk Alıcık, District Gendarmerie Commander Major Seydi Salman, Province General Assembly Members, Municipal Assembly Members, MHP Nazilli District President K.Engin Özcan, Republican District Headman Mehmet Özmen and other neighborhood headmen Republic of Turkey State Railways officials, apartment managers, and many citizens attended.
In accordance with the protocol, the headman of the district, Mehmet Özmen, stated that the controlled crossroads on the State Railways, which were arranged in a way to connect the street start of the 173 street of the Turan District with the 268 street; Orum First of all, I would like to thank our Mayor Halil Alice from Nazilli for his services. With the opening of a level crossing controlled by the guard assigned by Nazilli Municipality, the old gate, which has no connection to the main road, was canceled and closed. Due to the Monday market, our vehicle traffic will not be able to switch to the back quarters. In addition, the transition between the two neighborhoods will be easier and the exit from the Turan neighborhood will be easier. Bun
Stating that the new controlled level crossing will make the vehicle and pedestrian traffic more regular, Nazilli Mayor Haluk Alıcık stated that the works started immediately after the protocol signed between Nazilli Municipality and TCDD, and the construction works were completed within the shortest period of time, especially to the State Railway authorities and Regional Directorate. He thanked. He reminded that after they became the Mayor, they will continue to make changes and investments in Nazilli, reminding them that the controlled level crossing, which is one of the main transitions in Cumhuriyet Mahallesi, has been expanded and that they have been working on landscaping. Mayor Alıcık, who gave the good news that the construction works of the connection road under the New Industry have started; “Our work continues all over Nazilli. Both with new projects and restructuring. One of them is the new connection road that we will open in the New Industry. This road will take the Bozdoğan road straight from the end of the New Industry. With the investment of 3,5 million TL, both traffic density and industrial tradesmen will be relieved. Regular Solid Waste Disposal Facility The project of our facility, which will be established in a way to ensure the storage of 8 years of garbage, has been approved by designing the establishment of 20 hectares of land in Sailer village Karahayıt. There is only one step left for this place and it is to be given to the tender. 22 municipalities will utilize this facility to separate their garbage. Changes will continue in Nazilli. We came for service, we will continue to serve. We will also make changes in the Turan and Cumhuriyet districts. However, we have difficulty in implementing some of our projects. At this point, we try to solve our work by going into details. We have worked to build a service building for the SSI, which is located next to Nazilli Anatolian High School, and a service building will be built here in the coming days. In this way, there will be a movement in this neighborhood as well. ”
The opening ribbon of the level crossing was interrupted with the wishes of District Governor Okur, Mayor Aliçik, Muhtar Özmen and the protocol, as well as with the help of the citizen. The members of the protocol that passed through the level of Turan through the level crossing to the Cumhuriyet District followed the train train from Denizli to Izmir.

Source: IHA


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