What TÜLOMSAŞ should do in Recruitment of Workplace Physician

TÜLOMSAŞ should do in recruiting a Workplace Doctor
Turkish Medical Association due to Eskisehir Chamber President Nazim Yilmaz, Turkey Locomotive and Engine Industry AŞ
(TÜLOMSAŞ) said, “The application of TÜLOMSAŞ management is to make a written application to the Eskişehir Chamber of Medicine,” regarding the practice of recruiting a workplace doctor.
Yilmaz, in a press conference held in the room building, TÜLOMSAŞ management, the workplace physician said the way to meet the need of tender method.
Medical and medical values, which is not a property to be bought and sold Yilmaz, said they wanted to put an end to this tender process.
Yılmaz stated that TÜLOMSAŞ management can support them if they request a workplace doctor, “TÜLOMSAŞ management is required to apply in writing to the Eskişehir Chamber of Medicine. This preference will be more legal and more valuable than buying physician labor at the cheapest price through tender. ”

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