What a high-speed train to Marmaray!

Transport Minister Yıldırım started the distribution of the devices within the scope of 'Seeing Eye' project in Izmir. "Neither Marmaray nor high-speed train…" I am in every part of life "projects made me so happy," said Yıldırım.
TRANSPORTATION Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Binali Yildirim said Yıldırım We are completely embedding our mentality into the past. Minister Binali Yildirim who participated in the distribution ceremony of devices in Izmir which is one of the pilot provinces of 'Gören Göz' project, which will enable visually impaired citizens to reach their addresses safely and quickly for the first time in the world, is participating in the g Transportation, communication, I'm in all parts of life ilk projects. I was so happy that the Marmaray was what made me so happy that the roads were neither train nor divided. Because these were made to people, they were directly focused on people. Çünkü
Free 400 device for now
After Istanbul and Ankara, the distribution of devices in Izmir, explaining the Minister Yıldırım, gave the following information about the devices: cihaz 4 thousand citizens around the devices were distributed. No cost. We will distribute this device to our citizens around 400. All important places were placed on this device. When you set off with your cane, there will be a 'red light here or wait' warning. It will be your road map. An On the other hand, the devices designed for the first time in the world by Turkish engineers have a Qwert keyboard in Brail alphabet. The devices that will describe the desired point in the shortest and most appropriate way with voice warnings will be both eyes and ears of the visually impaired.
No EXPO political material
MINISTER Binali Yildirim said that it was wrong to turn the EXPO business into a political material. Minister Yıldırım, said: aya If we open the EXPO to discuss, it would be a pity. We have made all kinds of sacrifices to make EXPO work in favor of İzmir. As we continue on our way with success, I find this discussion meaningless. If there are different things in the plans, if there are different things in the municipality, within the framework of planned principles, the speech is corrected. Please don't let anyone use it as a political tool. This time, Izmir is among the luckiest cities in the EXPO 2020 nomination. Let us not negatively affect our chances with such simple mistakes. Böyle

Source: Star Newspaper



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