Two high-speed trains collide in Vienna (Photo Gallery)

Two high-speed trains collided with the Austrian State Railways (ÖBB). Many people, including five people, were injured in the accident.
The accident occurred in the waters of 8: 45 today, in the suburb of Hütteldorf. The cause of the accident that occurred at a time when the trains were filled were not yet determined.
A large number of rescue teams, ambulances and life-saving helicopters were referred to the scene.
ÖBB Sözcüsail Sarah Nettel, a passenger train departing from Westbahnhof Westbahnhof Westbahnof'a another train to the head of the train collided head-on, the country's western region, announced that the trains were canceled.
Austria Emergency Services SözcüClaudia Gigler said to AFP that five passengers were shocked by the accident, while five confirmed that they were seriously injured. According to the report of DHA, it is estimated that Turkish passengers are among the injured.
In a statement made by the Austrian Automobile Association, it was stated that a person was stuck in the wreckage of the accident. In the news in the local media, it was stated that the firefighters tried to rescue the passengers by taking the passengers from the windows of the train by using stairs.
Last week, the public opinion in the Austrian public on the route between the S45 highway between Penzing and Westbahnhof, there was a lot of traffic.

Source: Hürriyet




  1. The colliders, not the high-speed trains, are the "Talent" train sets operating in the suburban enterprise numbered S45.