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Regretted rebuffs demanded
AKP Deputy Hüseyin Üzülmez and AKP Provincial Administrator M. Ali Dağ came to Sarayönü after the funeral of the martyr in Ilgın and visited the AKP District Organization headed by Nafiz Solak.
Speaking at the visit, Üzülmez, our county as the second hometown articulate voicing, gör Sarayönü is always a follower of the problems, he said. District problems about the head of the town received information from the head of sadiz sadiz, said a logistics company is looking for a place for the wagon factory, Sarayönü said that the strategic position of the company to offer. Relating to the feasibility study of the company concerned voicing Uzülmez, the firm decided to make a positive decision about Sarayönü district will be an important value in the field of employment said.
Speaking at the visit Nafiz Solak, high-speed train line with a stop in the appropriate area to be added to Sarayönü, Cihanbeyli, Aksehir, Ilgin, Kadinhani and Altinekin people can take advantage of the speed train said easier.
In addition to the high-speed train line, Solak voiced his wishes regarding the railway line passing through the Sarayönü district center, which came up in the meeting. In the event that there are 3-4 reciprocal flights a day, the people of the district will be easier to reach in both directions. Gün
Referring to the problems related to the museum project implemented by the Sarayonu District Governorate, Solak said, müze The work on the museum continues. A train train to the railway museum to be built within the scope of the project is on the agenda. The demand for the General Directorate of TCDD received a negative response. We know that the Regional Directorate has a positive opinion on the issue. We ask for help to overcome this problem. Bu
Altınekin road needs expansion
Solak also demanded the extension of Sarayönü-Altınekin road, which is of great importance for Sarayönü and which provides the connection between Ankara and the district.
Hüseyin Üzülmez, the AKP deputy, who spoke after the demands, said, ül If there are too many stops in the high-speed train system, this system will be gone.
But railroad flights can be placed. The number of passengers on the line can be done and the Konya-Aksehir expedition can be connected to Karaman. We also carry out the necessary work on the train train within the framework of the laws. We are happy to contribute to this project, Bu he said.

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