Uludag winter tourism measure decisions

📩 24/11/2018 11:37

Uludag winter tourism measures were taken

In the 1 and 2 Development Areas of Uludağ National Park, the Governorate decision was taken regarding the measures to be implemented by the governor of Bursa Şahabettin Harput in order to ensure the peace and security of the citizens coming to the holiday area by the enterprises and persons operating in the region during the winter tourism season.
In these decisions;

1. In the 1 and 2 Development Areas of Uludağ National Park, the following measures will be taken in order to ensure the peace and security of the citizens coming to the holiday area by the enterprises and persons operating in the region during the winter tourism season. In this context;
a. Since the accidents on the tracks threaten the safety of the people who are skiing and hiking, there will be no access to the ski slopes for hiking and picnics.
b. The necessary safety measures around the runway will be provided by the leasing companies. The use of a sled shall not be permitted for persons other than those designated as the track track.
c. The sleds in front of the ski rooms are stolen because there are not enough measures taken by the business owners, and because of the lack of information or the non-compliance with the information, people who have been on the sled have been injured by the use of their sleds on the ski slope instead of the sled. For this reason, the sleds will only be given near / near the toboggan runway for those who want to use the toboggan run.
d. The Ski Teachers' Association and the mechanical plant operators will close the unused and hazardous parts of the ski slopes and these zones will be marked with strips to be seen in unfavorable weather conditions and warning signs will be kept.
D. Those who do not have a ski instructor certificate will not be able to give ski lessons.
to. Operators of ski runs; fence, mesh etc. take preventive measures to prevent skiers from going out of the ski area by using the material, and they will place warning signs on the subject in a warning manner. The mentioned measures shall be controlled by the delegation for the safety of the runways and the runways will not be allowed to use until the shortcomings of the enterprises have been determined.
f. Snow vehicles shall not be used in any way except for personnel with authorization for use.
g. Mechanical facilities shall be operated by the personnel holding the authorization certificate.
The week-end breaks (Friday, 18.00 and 24.00) will not allow heavy tonnage vehicles (trucks, fuel tankers, etc.) to get on the Uludag route.
h. Waiting to wear or sell chains is a way that Bursa-Uludağ road is a single lane and narrowed in certain places, causing traffic accidents and causing accidents. For this purpose, the chain will not be sold except for the points determined on the Uludağ road route, and the chain installation will only be done by those who are allowed.
I. The car will not be washed at the fountains on the route until the end of March, on the grounds that it increases the icing and causes traffic accidents.
I. In order to ensure traffic safety, the tour buses that bring passengers to the touristic facilities will be transported by the passengers, the tour buses organizing the day trip will go directly to the lower car park and the passenger will do the loading-unloading process here.
j. The hotels will wait for a maximum of two taxis and dolmus in the main square in the area and other vehicles will be located in the waiting area next to the upper parking lot.
k. In Uludağ Region; the hotel, motel and other businesses for the purpose of the collection, for the purpose of collecting the customer, hostess, stalker, barker and so on will not be allowed to the activities of people expressed.
.la. Persons or groups engaged in mountaineering or camping activities; The district governor's office, the beginning and end dates of the activity and the routes and accommodations they will use, the blood groups and telephone numbers of the persons participating in the activity, the photocopies of the IDP and the document showing the weather conditions during the activity, and the application documents to be received, Uludağ J.Krk.K. They will deliver. The activities of the applicants with missing documents and information will not be allowed.
2. It is decided that the measures to be taken within the scope of the activities to be carried out in Uludağ region shall be meticulously implemented, and if it is determined that those who act in contravention of the actions to be taken in accordance with the 5326 of the Law on Misdemeanors, no.

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