There is a need for authority, not money, in Uludağ | Uludag Ski Center

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe emphasized that the steps they took to make their investments in the Uludağ Ski Center by the metropolitan were stuck with procedures and obstacles.

Altepe said, “Since the plans were stopped, nothing has been done for 10 months. The plans were created again. We made the necessary applications to the Ministry about Uludağ, but we lost last year. ” said.

Mayor Altepe, who participated in the program broadcasted on AS TV, said that Uludağ should be connected to the Metropolitan Municipality in terms of producing services and investments. Noting that gold knows the value of gold and Uludağ knows the value of themselves, Mayor Altepe said, “Uludag is truly a place with capacity. It is a place that can take 11,5 meters of snow per year and has over 30 facilities. Today toplasanız ski centers in Turkey, does not in terms of a Uludag facilities. The most accurate management is decentralization. That's why we aspired to work and set out to realize the investments here. By integrating with Bursa, the potential of Uludağ can reach the desired levels. Here you get 1 deposit 10. One investment of $ 700 million made in the ten-Erzurum Uludag made, Bursa in Turkey believe it also provides enormous profits, "he said.

Stating that they have been stuck in procedures and faced with obstacles by some non-governmental organizations in the steps they have taken to make the infrastructure and superstructure investments in Uludağ, Mayor Altepe stated that nothing has been done for 10 months because the plans have been stopped. Saying that the plans were re-created after the obstacles encountered and the revised works were approved, President Altepe said: “We made the necessary applications to the Ministry about Uludağ but we lost last year. However, there are urgent investments that need to be made, such as creating an infrastructure for those who come to Uludağ daily, such as parking. If we did not encounter obstacles, if the authority was entirely given to us, we would follow the event and conclude it in a very short time. Now it is up to the summer and winter months. I hope we will reach the result without encountering any serious obstacles. ”

Emphasizing that the transfer of powers related to Uludağ to the Metropolitan Municipality is the purpose of “fully embracing the business”, Mayor Altepe said, “If Uludağ ultimately connects to Büyükşehir as a neighborhood of Bursa, we will also be able to eliminate all the shortcomings of the central neighborhoods. all services will be done immediately. Metropolitan Municipality is really a great opportunity for the investments that Uludağ needs. We can produce the services and investments we want, both through our own budget and the companies we own. The state has no such possibility. What needs to be done here by the central administration is to plan and delegate and supervise. If these were done, perhaps all the work would be finished by now. Because, as Metropolitan Municipality, we have the opportunity to organize this place in a short time. Skiing areas should be structured, new ski areas should be created and the infrastructure should be established in its best way. ” spoke in the form.
Mayor Altepe stated that they did not stop despite encountering obstacles, they started to work on the infrastructure and proceeded rapidly as Metropolitan Municipality, and they have already applied as a city to take the international events planned 8-10 years later. Expressing that as a child of an artisan family, an additional thousand tourists coming to Bursa know very well what their contributions are to the city, President Altepe said, “If we prepare Uludağ well for the future, not only for winter but also for summer events. If we plan, we can make a great contribution to our city by attracting many international organizations here. Because a few arrangements to be made here are enough to attract the attention of the world. It has dozens of spots that we can bring to tourism with 7 crater lakes, over 100 monasteries, plateaus, valleys and waterfalls. There are such beautiful views that it is not possible to find it anywhere else. Moreover, it is right next to a city like Bursa. Very nice and interesting organizations can be held here. There is no reason why people do not come and do not contribute to the economy. ” spoke in the form.

Source: News 7



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