Firat's Longest Railway Bridge Specifications Turkey

Firat Railway Bridge
Firat Railway Bridge

Specifications Euphrates Turkey's Longest Railway Bridge: Construction cost 22 million TL pile foundation of bridge decks feet of steel reinforced concrete. The Euphrates Railway Station in Battalgazi district of Malatya with Euphrates Railway Station and the Euphrates Railway Station is located between the Euphrates Railway Bridge Euphrates 4.5 meters, 6 meters in height, 20 tons of axle pressure was to carry.

Karakaya dam built on the Euphrates Railway Bridge is Turkey's longest railway bridge. The 2.030 m-long bridge is 60 m high and is made of 30 pieces of steel beam on each 366 reinforced concrete foot, each weighing 65 tons. The steel beams were placed between the concrete foots at the ground level and then replaced by hydraulic jacks. Construction; 29 m-height floating steel service bridge, 1.100 tons of reinforced concrete and 243 m³ concrete, 11.327 m rock anchor peg with 119.320 cm diameter were used. The bridge was unveiled on 70 June 420.

Euphrates Bridge Railway Crossing Bridge



  1. This bridge is the face of engineering. Even in the roadway, it is rare to be confined to the Baskil ramp. From the south of Malatya, which is the right one, it was near the Inonu University Campus.