Bursa Chamber of Mechanical Engineers Press Release: Bursa Metropolitan Municipality pays millions of euros to European scraped vehicles

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Bursa Chamber of Mechanical Engineers Press Release: Bursa Metropolitan Municipality pays millions of euros to Europe's rail vehicles
Insisting on reading what he knows himself, the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality on the one hand 'brand is creating the city' on the other hand, the scraped rail system vehicles to the people of Bursa reva.
Metro and light rail systems, which are important public transportation systems of the world's modern cities, continue to spread in various cities of Turkey and Bursa. It is of course correct and necessary to expand the rail systems which are indisputably important in the solution of urban transportation problems.
However, it can be seen that the problems that need to be solved by long-term planning are sometimes sacrificed by short-term daily accounts, which in the future lead to high costs.
As we all know, Bursa Light Rail System (BHRS), which is planned to solve the problem of urban public transportation which has become the bleeding wound of Bursa, started with the foundation of the first stage in 1998.
During the 1998-year period since 13, when the first foundation was laid, with the completion of the ABC stages of BHRS and the Labor addition, the total line length reached approximately 31 kilometers and the number of vehicles reached 78. Work continues in the D stage, which is planned to be completed this year and extended from 8-kilometer Arabayatağı to Kestel, and when this line is completed, at least 24 more vehicles will be needed.
To date, there have been some errors and debates in the construction and vehicle procurement processes of the BHRS project, which has undergone various changes.
In particular, there was a debate on territoriality in each vehicle purchase, the prices of the vehicles purchased were both questionable and the first experiences were not reflected in the latter.
For example, in the purchase of first 48 vehicles, domestic foreign production discussions were made and finally, it was realized with the partnership of SİEMENS-TÜVASAŞ. In other words, localization is provided.
However, this experience was not taken into consideration in the second vehicle purchase of 30 units, and the prices were directed to a completely different brand in a way that would create a discussion and the needs were supplied from abroad. In this way, large amounts of money were paid out of the country, and the rail operating system was complicated and costs increased.
We are experiencing a very interesting development in the third vehicle purchase. In this period, Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, which forgot to buy additional vehicles, went after the second hand vehicle for emergency solution.
Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, which does not have a holistic approach to the project implementation, has sought urgent solution to overcome this negligence resulting from its unplanned operation. The solution was to have BURULAŞ recruited for the procurement of unpaid second-hand vehicles in order not to wait for a period of approximately 2 years to tender and to produce vehicles at the end of the tender.
2 XnUMX 24 1984 30 44 2008 44 20 24 6 XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX will be used as spare parts, after the modernization of the electrical parts in Germany XNUMX, in Bursa, the seat system will be renewed and the total cost of XNUMX million Euros will be in service, the information was reflected in the public opinion of Bursa.
However, although the purchase and use of second-hand vehicles is not explicitly prohibited, it is essential that the urban rail system comply with national and international standards and legislation and be built with up-to-date technologies. For this reason, as stated in the relevant specification, the vehicles to be used in the Light Rail System will cover the most advanced technology today and will allow the implementation of future technological advances.
Furthermore, the legislation, including the vehicles to be purchased, is to be approved by the Ministry of Transport as a whole.
Used Vehicles ”Scrap“
In European countries, the disposal of machinery, vehicles and equipment which have completed their economic life and have been discarded is difficult to dispose of and subject to serious legislation and procedures. Such vehicles have the quality of a scrap and are almost disposed of at the shipping price when the buyer is found.
As a matter of fact, the prices of the vehicles purchased by the BUS confirm this. “No savings can be made with second-hand vehicles. The account is incorrect and misleading.
It is not possible to calculate the cost of these second-hand vehicles and compare them with the new vehicle price and talk about a inin savings Sat. Benchmarking can only be done for vehicles with the same technological level, quality and similar characteristics. Moreover, benchmarking cannot be done on the price of the vehicle alone, many factors such as the economic life of the vehicle, operating costs, the cost of updating and maintenance, and ultimately the disposal costs.
It is a concern for the country's economy that the need for rail system needs to be constantly directed abroad instead of being met from abroad, and that a previous experience is not evaluated in the next one.
The purchase of vehicles that have completed their economic life and sat HURDA ”from abroad is unacceptable for Bursa. On the one hand, the brand city, on the other hand, to be used as a tram production and technology center, Bursa and the people of Bursa are considered to be used as second-hand vehicles, in one word tek disrespect görül and the purchase process of these vehicles is olma unplanned ve and tram incompetence ın with two words.
The tender was not made, the Assembly of the Assembly
The fact that the procurement process was carried out by BURULAŞ and not made by the Metropolitan Municipality Council and not made a tender is a matter of discussion. However, in such an important project concerning the whole city and the whole of the city for many years, by-passing the city councils and urban dynamics is another important indicator of how the Metropolitan Municipality conducts the works.
Since the first foundation of Bursa light rail system, 15 years have passed and the current system is getting older and needs to be updated in parallel with technological developments. Therefore, even if the existing system needs updating, it cannot be a güncel smart solution v to buy much older 30 vehicles.
The vehicles previously purchased are two different brands and due to the differences, there are separate operating, spare parts, service and maintenance challenges for each brand. With the introduction of a third different brand vehicle, the system will become more complex and operation and maintenance costs will increase.
If this error is not returned, a, scrap vehicle dump ül will occur in Bursa in the near future. This will create a significant cost and environmental problem.
Our Recommendations
TMMOB Chamber of Mechanical Engineers Bursa Branch;
• The purchase of second-hand vehicles in BHRS should be immediately discontinued.
• The work should be started immediately, in order to supply the needed vehicles as new and domestic production.
• Throughout the country, the needs of the urban rail system should be met by domestic production, the Ministry of Transport should take the responsibility and the coordination between the producers and the municipalities (institutions).
In this context, we would like to ask Mr. Recep Altepe, Mayor of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, to answer our questions:
• Have you received approval from the Ministry of Transport for your preferred second-hand vehicles for BHRS?
• Is 30 used second-hand vehicle as “Brand City“?
• On the one hand, you are working hard on the local tram production bunu SILK BÖCEĞİ yandan, on the other hand you are pursuing a second hand import vehicle, how do you explain it:?
• Do not you think that with the second hand wagons, Bursa will become a ini scrap wagon dump ı, and that ini domestic production ”will be cut away with imported purchases and will create a negative example?
• Why do you not take the views of the city's stakeholders and professional chambers in such large projects of interest to the city?
We respect the public. 10 / 01 / 2013
Contact İbrahim directly
TMMOB Chamber of Mechanical Engineers
Bursa Branch Chairman of the Board
Please click for the report:  Bursa Light Rail System Taşıt Second Hand Vehicle “Evaluation ReportBURSARAY

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