Türkel Fuarcılık Chief Executive Officer / CEO Bülent ERTEN Evaluated Eurasia Rail Railway Fair

Türkel Fuarcılık Chief Executive Officer / CEO Bülent ERTEN, this year 2. Noting that they were pleased with the interest organized by the Eurasia Rail Railway Fair, X The fair was held with the participation of 10 2 foreign and 101 domestic 87 company. Domestic and foreign products were exhibited at the fair where 188 was located. The first domestic tram, the Silkworm was exhibited for the first time at this fair. Especially the use of foreign companies in favor of high-speed trains and equipment has transformed the organization into a trunk race, affecting visitors visually. Özellikle
Asia Eurasia Rail 2 is a rapid development. Let us know the success story of the Railway Fair Can you share?
Turkey's infrastructure in recent years, rail systems, bridges, and the investments made in areas such as energy, Turkey's geographical and strategic position as to find the point where the above-mentioned binder in the subject, unifying and has made a major hub on behalf of that country charm point.
This, as well as foreign investors, especially in the world financial circles as the appetite. Eurasia Rail Fair
railway, high-speed train, rail systems have created a serious platform. As a result of the government's start in the stable growth program, the world's giant companies started searching for the trade fair where they will exhibit their products.
Türkel Fairs moved into action with the experience and experience of the years, the first one in Ankara last year, the 2. Railway, Light Rail Systems, Infrastructure and Logistics Fair was held. The first 2 bin m5 closed area in Ankara was the 2 50 67.
Should we mention the institutions and organizations that support both exhibitions?
The first two fairs in Turkey, including the Turkish State Railways locomotives in this sector, TÜLOMSAŞ TÜDEMSAŞ TÜVASAŞ and was carried out with the valuable contribution and support. Transportation, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Binali Yıldırım has made the opening of both fairs and this has led to the embrace of the sector. In fact, this 2 trade fair was the only organization that laid the foundation for the industry.
After that, the Eurasia Rail Fair, which will be held in the coming years, will continue to be the most ambitious and important fair in the region.
Related to Eurasia Rail Railway Fair; Can you give a general evaluation including exhibitors, visitor numbers and exhibited products? At the same time, it was a first in this fair, didn't it?
Eurasia Rail Fair, organized this year, 10 bin m2 closed area 101 foreign and 87 domestic 188 company was held with the participation of. Domestic and foreign products were exhibited at the fair where 20 was located. The first domestic tram, the Silkworm was exhibited for the first time at this fair. In particular, foreign companies prefer to use their preferences for high-speed trains and equipment, and its organization has transformed into a trunk race, affecting visitors visually. 3 thousand 16 people visited the 844 day-long fair in total and the 2 bin 526 was composed of visitors and delegations from various countries.
On the other hand, 14 bin 318 visitors were the relevant masses, such as experts, purchasers, engineers and university students. At the opening, along with our minister, Bulgarian Minister of Transport, Bosnia and Herzegovina Railways
General Manager, General Director of Greek Railways, General Director of Iraq Railways and numerous senior
foreign delegation was present.
What kind of studies were carried out at the fair? How was the media interested in the fair?
Presentation of the fair, domestic and international media, TV, radio, newspaper, industry magazines and magazines, internet
banner as related web sites.
In addition to this, Turkey is located has been reached on all the world's leading institutions and industry with foreign Missions of the channel through the foreign missions in Turkey and abroad. Approximately 30 thousand invitations have been delivered to many foreign and domestic visitors from various channels.
Regarding the media's interest in the fair; We are deeply happy to see local and foreign press members. magazines and newspapers around the world have done several interviews in the sector and the sector stands throughout the fair value of the pulse Turkey.
What would you say about the contributions of the Eurasia Rail Railway Fair to the railway sector?
Undoubtedly, fairs are the showcase of every sector. This fair also fulfilled this function. Everyone was happy to meet for the next year, and they left their places in 2013 before they left. That's us
all our tiredness, we have made us happy because of the contribution we made.
What advantages will the Eurasia Rail Railway Fair offer to participants, companies and visitors at 2013?
The most important thing for companies is 'I'm in'. This is an advantage to show them their presence in the industry. When they come next year, buyers will see them here again, giving priority to trust, quality and cooperation. Visitors; in the products up to the feet; they will have a chance to observe new developments and changes without going elsewhere.
What are your future goals, expectations and projects?
We have a structure that is more than our expectations. No time to wait, 2013's work
the day the fair ended. We are in a mission of preparing new platforms in line with the new projects that are promised for the future of the country.
We believe that we will share our new projects here soon, thank you for your space.
Türkel Fairs Executive Board
President / CEO
Bülent ERTEN



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