Tülomsaşın Tender and Doctor Purchase Press Release

Tülomsaşın Tender and Doctor Purchase Press Release
It is the denial text of the article titled "Response from the Medical Chamber for Tülomsaşın Tender and Doctor Recruitment".
Recently, there have been news about the tender procurement of workplace medicine service procurement for TÜLOMSAŞ employees in order to meet occupational health services.
In the news, many comments and claims were made that we do not deserve, as the tender is on the same site as the "locomotive material" auctions, that doctors are commodified, medicine is dishonored, physician labor is not respected, this method is aimed at exploiting the profession of medicine.
Some non-governmental organizations and trade associations also voiced similar comments and allegations regarding the tender announcement, and showed TÜLOMSAŞ's completely legal practice as unfair.
It is deemed necessary to make the following description on the subject.
1- TÜLOMSAŞ has to meet occupational health services of its employees as required by law.
2- Occupational health services of our company employees are provided by request from the Ministry of Health or through tender, there is no other way.
3- A request was made from the Ministry of Health and this demand could not be met by the Ministry.
4- When the request could not be met, a tender was held to meet the workplace doctor services with the authorization granted by the Public Procurement Law.
5- In addition, this method is not only applied by TÜLOMSAŞ; Until today, many public institutions and organizations have provided workplace medicine services through tenders.
6- How to provide occupational health services in a public institution is within the knowledge of the Turkish Medical Association and Medical Chambers. It is incomprehensible that a service procurement for the purpose of providing the health service of the employees implies a disrespect to the medical profession and career.
7- The tender announcement of an institution will be published on its own website and in the section of the tender news. The intention of abuse or exploitation from it is not in good faith and cannot be copyrighted.
8- It must be a success in reporting that TÜLOMSAŞ was unjustly suspect in a subject that was completely legal and had previously been applied in many public institutions !!!
9- We have legal rights with respect to the news in question.
It will be publicly honored.
Ayten BAYTAROĞLU Ali Yasar
Press and Public Relations Manager Assistant General Manager

Source : I www.sondakika.co



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