Tülomsaş defended the procurement of doctors

Tülomsaş defended the procurement of doctors
Coaches in Eskisehir, Turkey Locomotive and Engine Industry Corporation (TÜLOMSAŞ) by business location announced on the website of the institution medicine by the press organs of the tender 'interesting tenders' assessment, the reply came from TÜLOMSAŞ.
Coaches in Eskisehir, Turkey Locomotive and Engine Industry Corporation (TÜLOMSAŞ) by, workplace organization announced on the website of the medicine by the press organs of the auction 'tender interesting' as evaluation, came the answer from TÜLOMSAŞ. Stating that the tender was made legally, Deputy General Manager Ali Yaşar Nal said that such a method was applied because the application to the Ministry of Health was inconclusive.
TÜLOMSAŞ has published a tender notice for the recruitment of two full-time physicians who will work in the institution. On the company's website, under the title of "tenders to be made", tender notices such as bearing, locomotive material, pump, assembly work, paint, as well as the 'workplace doctor' tender were also included. TÜLOMSAŞ responded to the allegations for the news that was featured in the press and internet media in the form of an "interesting tender".
Ali Yasar Nal, Deputy General Manager, said; in the news, the tender is located on the same site as the ial locomotive material ğ tenders, doctors are commodified, reputation is lost to physician, physician labor is not respected, this method is intended to exploit the profession of medical claims is unfounded, he said.
TULOMSAS, according to the law of the employees must meet occupational health services that record Nal, employees of the company's occupational health services, the Ministry of Health or through a tender was provided by demand, he said. Nal stated that a request for a physician from the Ministry of Health, this demand was not met. Nal stated that this method is not only a method implemented by TÜLOMSAŞ and that the work place medicine services of many public institutions and organizations have been procured through tendering. noted. Deputy General Manager Ali Yasar Nal, said:
Sağ How to obtain occupational health services in a public institution is within the knowledge of the Turkish Medical Association and the physicians' chambers. It cannot be understood that a service to the service, the profession of medicine and the disrespect to his career should be imposed for the purpose of meeting the health service of the employees. Of course, the procurement notice of an institution will be published on its own site and in the section of the tender news. From this, the intention of malice or exploitation cannot be tevil and copyrighted in good faith. We have legal rights regarding the news in question.

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