Van Lake Ferilerine TÜLOMSAŞ Engines

Van Lake Ferilerine TÜLOMSAŞ Engines
Everything started in 2009
Turkey Locomotive and Engine Industry Inc. The use of 1800-2400 HP diesel engines produced by (TÜLOMSAŞ) as an auxiliary engine in Turkish private sector's freight and passenger ships, as the main and auxiliary engine in ferries and ferries belonging to İDO, can be encouraged in the short term, and military ships in the medium / long term. I first wrote my ideas that the facilities and capabilities (capacity) of the said factory can be developed gradually with new investments in order to produce the main propulsion (propulsion) systems of ships of various types and tonnages in this factory on 27 April 2009 and Journal of Ship and Marine Technology, which is the publication of TMMOB Chamber of Marine Engineers (GMO), October 2009/182. I brought it to the agenda in my article titled "TÜLOMSAŞ Potential in Ship Engine Manufacturing", which was also published in the issue.
Based on the invitation of the General Manager of TÜLOMSAŞ who reads this article, by creating an experienced technical team consisting of shipbuilding engineers and by visiting TÜLOMSAŞ Engine Factory at 24-25 August 2009, with an additional investment, we agreed that it could become a more prone factory for marine diesel engine production.
Participation and contribution of Chamber of Ship Engineers
Subsequently, I made my presentations and speeches about sunum Converting the Crisis to Opportunity leri by the Chamber of Naval Architects of Turkey (GMO) on 07 December 2010. TÜLOMSAŞ Engine Factory, I also offered to arrange a technical visit.
This offer was accepted and we visited a second technical visit to TÜLOMSAŞ Motor Factory on 2009 April 1,5 about 19 year after our first visit in 2011.
This visit was also attended by the General Directorate of Shipbuilding and Shipyards (new name Shipyards and General Directorate of Coastal Facilities) besides GMO.
And they were very impressed by the physical, human and technological infrastructure of the TÜLOMSAŞ Engine Factory and the engines produced.
Türk Loydu's type-approval test and certification process
After the professional visits and technical meetings, TÜLOMSAŞ applied for ve type approval ler to Türk Loydu.
Type approval certification process of 1800 2400 10 2011 has been completed after TÜLOMSAŞ's diesel engines with XNUMX-XNUMX HP have passed the required type approval tests.
Thus, 80-85 produced in the TULOMSAS Engine Factory with 1800-2400 local 1500-XNUMX HP (XNUMX rpm) diesel engine, diesel generator engine or high speed diesel generators We have opened the way to be used in vehicles.
TÜLOMSAŞ engines will be used in Van Lake ferries
Anadolu Agency (AA) 's 27 January 2012 according to the news; 2 to be built in Van Lake ferries to be built by the relevant organization of the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications TULOMSAS 1500 to be manufactured by 2400 horsepower marine diesel engines were signed. (Contract signing ceremony Transportation Maritime
Hayri Avci, General Director of TULOMSAS, and Yaşar Duran Aytac, General Manager of Shipyards and Coastal Facilities, and Orhan Nurduhan, Chairman of Nursoy Company.
The first four engine sets approved by Türk Loydu type approval will be delivered in July and the second four will be delivered at the end of the year.
Thus, the process which started with the article le TULOMSAS Potential in Ship Engine Manufacturing di published in 2009 has reached an important stage in 2012.
Turkey, particularly for special types of small ships have proper domestic ship diesel engines.
Main target: AŞ TÜLOMSAŞ Marine Diesel Engine Assembly As
a new production line for ship diesel engine production, namely Diesel TÜLOMSAŞ Marine Diesel Engine Assebly / Department üretim.
In this way, sales, marketing, spare parts supply and service facilities of marine diesel engines to be produced, as well as an appropriate incentive mechanism, which will compete with their peers, will enable production and advantageous pricing.
All these issues will be clarified by TÜLOMSAŞ by the ite feasibility study Bütün.
The demands and demands of the Chamber of Shipping and the Shipbuilders Association, which are supported by the purchasing power, will constitute the most important pillar of the feasibility.
Today, as it was then up to "Re-Ship Engine to produce in Turkey" in line with our ideals, we will continue our work. We would like to thank all the people, authorities, institutions and organizations who have supported us in our work so far.

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