TÜLOMSAŞ adds value to Turkish railway industry

TÜLOMSAŞ adds value to Turkish railway industry
With its experience and know-how, 118 is proud of its contribution to the economy and employment of TÜLOMSAŞ, a large industrial corporation that meets the needs of rail-pull vehicles. Our aim is to reach the vision of 2015-2023 by increasing our economic parameters in a positive way.
TÜLOMSAŞ foundation and mission; It fulfills all Locomotive and Freight Wagon needs of the General Directorate of TCDD Operations and carries out new production, maintenance and revisions of these vehicles. While it was aimed to meet only the needs of TCDD until 2003, after 2003, studies were started to be effective in national and international markets. For this purpose; In our company, which is a public institution, 2015 and 2023 TÜLOMSAŞ Vision was prepared and announced, and today's advanced management systems and production models are started to be implemented. In this context;
- Management with Goals,
- Performance and Process Management,
- Within the scope of Quality Management; Certification of ISO 9001 standards in 2008 and OHSAS 14001 standards in 2008 was completed in addition to its ISO 18001 system.
- Innovation methods are applied in improvement and development activities.
- Every activity was monitored and evaluated with statistical process control methodology.
- Production, Marketing, Purchasing, Human Resources and Material Supply policies were determined with TÜLOMSAŞ Development Program.
Since its establishment, TÜLOMSAŞ, which has been the center of production, maintenance, repair and revision of various types of freight wagons and sub-components of our country's outline and maneuvering locomotives, has been carrying out its activities to fulfill this mission at the highest level. Besides this mission;
- Establishing the railway sub-industry and clustering of rail systems,
- Establishment of a railway vehicles test center,
- Production of new generation locomotives with local contribution and offering them to our country's service,
- Meeting the freight car needs of logistics companies,
- National locomotive project
- It is actively working within the scope of modernization of tram vehicles.
Studies carried out
The modern management methods and models of TÜLOMSAŞ, which is the sectoral building block of our country, have been effective in the continuity of its success in the last five years. Some of the methods used in our company's 2023 vision are as follows:
Implementation of modern production and management systems,
Conducting joint production projects with the world's leading companies,
Consideration of product and system certifications,
Efficiency-enhancing efforts,
Effective use of information technologies,
Effective production planning and monitoring,
Emphasis on production at international quality level and studies on this,
Employee participation,
Internal and external customer satisfaction,
Monitoring of technological developments,
Steps and progress in the implementation of subsidiary development programs.
In terms of performance, steps were taken for structuring on sectoral basis in locomotive, wagon, diesel engine, traction motor, bogie and light rail systems. In the sectoral structure, production was aimed not only for rail but also for the maritime sector and diesel engine set production was started for Van Lake ferries.
Under the leadership of TÜLOMSAŞ, a railway cluster was established with ESO, Anadolu University, Osmangazi University, ABİGEM, Sangem and our suppliers. The amount of resources transferred to the sub-industry within the scope of rail supplier development programs and increased production, maintenance, repair and revision orders of the locomotive and freight wagons were increased; work was carried out to suppliers for production-oriented production, and both time and quantity of products were provided.
Leading the cluster model, which is a model supported by the European Union, for the development of the railroad vehicles production sector in our country; The company focused on the manufacturing of parts from assembly to manufacturing. In this context, in accordance with the production management system we implement; Subcontracting Development Program, which aims to provide labor-intensive works from sub-industry, was commissioned. In this context; Side industry contribution was about 55 in locomotive production and% 80 in wagon manufacturing. Electric / Electronic, Casting and Welding Construction etc. In our sectors, our sub-industries have been continuously supported. As of the end of the first six months of the 2012 year, approximately 3 thousand 100 people were employed in our private works.
Domestic-overseas activities
We export our products to USA, Iraq, Iran, Thailand and France. At the beginning of our products, locomotives, locomotive spare parts, diesel engine, traction motor and parts are coming.
Locomotive: Diesel electric locomotive; The first locomotive produced in cooperation with TÜLOMSAŞ-GE was launched in September at the International Railway Fair in Berlin. The locomotives that will be produced in cooperation with TÜLOMSAŞ-ROTEM in Electric Locomotive will take place in domestic and international markets since 2013.
Wagon: Freight wagons which are required by logistics companies are met by our company since 2007. TULOMSAS meets the needs of various types of cargo wagons (tarpaulin, container, sliding walls, ore, cistern, grain, etc.). New type and domestic design wagons such as Automobile Transport Wagon, Magnesite Transport Wagon and Ballast Wagon are continuing to meet market demands.
Diesel Engine: Our works for the use of TÜLOMSAŞ brand diesel engines on ships have been successful and type approval certificate has been obtained. Within this scope, Marine Motor production was started for Van Lake Ferries. Engine parts are manufactured for Thailand and France.
Traction Engine: TÜLOMSAŞ manufactures light engines for light rail vehicles. The production of the traction motors of Marmaray vehicles is carried out at TÜLOMSAŞ. In the context of localization TCDD DE 33000 type engine to be used in locomotives will be manufactured.
Bogie and Wheel: Wheel-axle set assembly for Marmaray vehicles and assembly of motorized bogie will be done at TÜLOMSAŞ.
Light Rail Systems: We meet the modernization and modification needs of the municipalities. 15 tramway modernization was made for Gaziantep Municipality and 10 units will be built.
Plan and objectives for the coming period
For the 2023 vision, the fact that we have met the targets we have set for the 2011 year shows the accuracy of the decisions we have taken and the methods we have implemented. So, our sales figure increased compared to the previous year.
Finally, we can summarize the goals of TULOMSAS 2023 Vision:
Making the products of our company a global brand,
Exceeding 2023 billion Euro sales turnover in 1 export,
In 2023, we provide a minimum amount of 250 million to our subsidiaries
To ensure that our region becomes a Rail Vehicle Production Center,
2023 is a sector where approximately 30 will be employed.
. We continue to cooperate with TÜBİTAK and universities in order to increase our market share in the world railway market, increase the local rate in manufacturing and develop original projects. We continue our original projects for electric locomotives, lighted wagons and high speed trains. Omot
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