There is no snow barrier for YHT

Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Binali Yıldırım stated that highways and railways are ready for winter and said, "We continue the struggle against snow on land and railways without interruption."
Speaking to Anadolu Agency (AA), Minister Yıldırım said that efforts to combat snow continue in 81 provinces. Stating that 65 anti-snow centers are working to keep the total road network of 868 thousand 426 kilometers open on the highways, Yıldırım said, “Nowadays, when the winter conditions are getting worse, our 81 thousand 4 personnel in 254 provinces keep the highways open with 5 thousand 32 machines and equipment. We have stored 178 tons of salt, 208 thousand 664 cubic meters of Aggregate, 100 tons of urea, 60 tons of salt water and 707 tons of chemical de-icers for snow-fighting activities. "We anticipate spending 305 million lira for efforts to combat snow and ice by the end of this year."
Minister Yildirim, all the drivers on the road to take into account weather, road and vehicle conditions, warned, said:
“The drivers who will set off should find out which roads are open or closed by calling 'Alo 159', which is the information line of highways. Let them review the maintenance of their vehicles. If our snow tires, chock, towing rope, chain are okay, let them review them. We divided the roads, united lives and people. We don't want carelessness to separate people from their loved ones. Our expectation is just a little bit of attention. It is paramount to us that people reunite their loved ones safely.
Before setting off, they should definitely get information about the route from our Highways Road Information Unit '(0312) 415 88 00 and 425 47 12' or from 'Alo Road Line 159 or' ​​internet '. "
- "Necessary precautions have been taken in railways" -
Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Yıldırım stated that they attach great importance to anti-snow efforts on railways, and stated that all kinds of measures are taken by TCDD to prevent disruption of their voyages on both high-speed and conventional trains. Stating that citizens can travel by trains in peace and security in cold and snowy weather, Yıldırım said, “The least affected means of transportation are trains. Even if the weather is foggy, snowy or icy, the train continues on the road. You feel safe when you get on the train. The safest travel in winter is by train, ”he said.
- "Snow shields were built on Ankara-Konya YHT Line" -
That experienced a rather severe winter conditions in Turkey in recent years, striking Lightning, he said:
“In recent years, winter has been very heavy in our country. For this reason, it is necessary to take additional measures compared to other seasons so that our trains do not hinder their course and our passengers can travel safely. At the beginning of these measures are those related to our high-speed trains. These trains can reach a very high speed compared to other trains, such as 250 kilometers per hour. For this reason, we have implemented the methods of combating snow used in countries operating high-speed trains in winter. In this context, we built snow shields in different sections to prevent snow shoots, especially on the Konya-Ankara Line. We keep a snow sweeper ready in Konya. In order to keep the line open when it snows, a ring will be made with empty locomotives on the YHT lines. "
- "YHTs will reduce speed if necessary" -
YHT lines of upper and lower building facilities and trains to keep the train teams in constant operation, pointing out that there are maintenance and control teams, maintenance crews and train sets of maintenance teams emphasized that they do without interruption. Separate teams for the control of these teams served as the Minister Yıldırım, said:
“As in other countries operating high-speed trains, the speed of high-speed trains can be reduced from 250 kilometers to 160 kilometers depending on the condition of the line in order to minimize the risk in snowy and icy weather. Speed ​​reduction is not important here. The important thing is to deliver our passengers safely to their destination. Despite all the precautions taken, we are still very sensitive to ensure that our passengers do not suffer from unexpected situations such as a temporary closure of the road. Anti-snow efforts continue on conventional lines of 11 thousand kilometers. Especially in Turkey's east navigating train carriages to be heard have put catalytic stoves and other supplies needed.

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