Bursa T1 tram construction stopped by dolmuşçuları court decision

Bursa T1 tram construction stopped by dolmuşçuları court decision
Yet; Before the implementation of the discussions with the T1 coded City Square-Sculpture Tram Line Route Project, an interesting process was reached.
Project construction Bursa 2. It was suspended by the decision of the Administrative Court.
This process;
Some time ago, some of the dolmuşçu tradesmen operating on the route of the tram began with the project of carrying the tram project.
Dolmuşçu on;
They requested the cancellation of the 1 date and 1000 decision of the Metropolitan Municipality Council on the approval of the 19.4.2012 / 379 scale implementation zoning plan change and the suspension of execution.
It was stated that the project would create compensation for the execution of urban traffic.
The area at Kültürpark, where the trolley's feeding and maintenance units will be located, is located at 2. the reasons for the fact that it was in the SIT area and that the necessary procedure to pass by Ulucami, which was still in the same sensitivity, was not completed.
Besides the;
Tramway project in the urban traffic density will increase even more, arguing that the dolmuşçular, light rail to go underground instead of the light rail system claimed to be more profitable.
In this respect, the court decided on 13 November 2012.
Decided to carry out the construction of the tram line.
However, when the Metropolitan Municipality did not comply with the decision, a further objection was made and the decision to stop the execution began to be implemented in 28 December 2012.
In order to complete the procedures, the construction of the tram line has been carried out since the beginning of the year, and in the process of confusion, yesterday the Mayor Recep Altepe came to the conclusion. Altepe stated that the decision to stop the execution for the construction of the tramway was abolished in the summit of the Assembly and thus, the construction was to be resumed from today onwards, and another process was left behind in the construction of the tram.

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