TCDD and Respect to the Customer

Ticket Mixture in Regional Trains of TCDD
Ticket Confusion in TCDD's Regional Trains

The incident, which often happened when coming from work on the train, was repeated. The train stopped at any stop, waited for 15 minutes, the doors opened and closed by themselves. The train started to go back, then the next train came to us, we waited for it to pass, then we continued on our way.

There had obviously been a malfunction or an ordinary manoeuvre was being made. I don't think the train waits by itself, goes back and stops and then continues on its way again. During this whole process, no announcement was made, an officer did not inform the passengers, we waited for the goods, not knowing what was going on.
I think there is not enough technology to develop or prosper, there are some other shortcomings and will not improve for a long time.

Because we are still able to find out which station we're on. a cost-effective solution we are incapable of loser citizens unworthy. Turkey's voice does not matter what you do for these people a lot of great value because of what they have learned is if you do not complain to settle and work our industry and that our technology, we are raising lots of experts.

Günceleme: 20/12/2022 07:55

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