TCDD Announces Cargo Train's Impact on Service Minibus in Malatya

TCDD Announces the Impact of Freight in Malatya
General Directorate of State Railways, Malatya service minibus at the crossroads of the service train in the accident occurred as a result of a collision of the minibus, Malatya-Direk Station exit the level of the undersigned entered the level of the level of uncontrolled passage.
State Railways of the Republic of Turkey by the General Directorate, the train hits the minibus service was held in Malatya written statement on the accident. In the statement, today, 07.15, Malatya, the direction of the single locomotive 56001 to go to the direction of Hekimhan, 44 S 0722 plate minibus at the exit of the Malatya-Direk station is reported to enter unchecked level crossing. The event, during the passage of the moving train, the level of the level of the vehicle crossing the vehicle entered the uncontrolled statement in the statement, the scene at the scene of the highway is parallel to the railway and the road is not a manhole status of the road was specified to be a mania.
In the statement, ın In the incident, the citizen Sibel Karakaya lost his life. Injured 6 citizens were treated on an outpatient basis. TCDD Accident Investigation Unit officials have arrived at the scene. The investigation was initiated by the Malatya Public Prosecutor and the TCDD Accident Research Unit. Kon

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