TCDD Kütahya - Balıkesir Railway Line Road Renewal Project A contract was signed with the company that won the tender for the renewal of the railway line between Gökçedağ and Nusrat Stations.

New developments were made in the tender for the construction of the 28 Km Railway Line Road Renovation Works between Gökçedağ and Nusrat Stations within the scope of Kütahya - Balıkesir Railway Line Road Renovation Project.
According to the information received by the Investments Magazine; a contract was signed with the decision of the court of the tender GCF - Kolin Construction joint venture with the contract was signed over 40.760.310,91 pounds.
09 2011 on 59.740.982 XNUMX
contract was signed. The officials we met at this stage noted that the company has made progress payments until now. The other companies participating in the aforementioned tender which cost 85.500.000 lira were determined as follows:
1. Steels Construction
2. GCF Generale Costruzioni Ferroviarie SpA-Kolin
3. Martin Rose - Detay Yol Yapi
4. Özgün Construction
5. Salcef - İlci Construction
6. Transstroy - Work Commitment
7. Ünüvar İnşaat - Atlas Construction
8. Utay Construction
9. Vianini Lavori - Özdoğanlar Construction
10. Viamont DSP - Yenigün Construction
11. Building Center
12. HF Wiebe - Öztaş Construction

Source: Investments


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