TCDD Tolls should be watched with camera

TCDD Tolls should be watched with camera
The camera system which is in part of the TCDD tolls should be expanded very quickly to all toll booths. In such cases, without a legal background, we immediately provide the passengers with satisfaction by providing a penalty for the satisfaction of the passenger.
The system of the camera is important for the fact that it is not possible to show the problem to the toll officers that it is the wrong system of the TCDD.
Because the conflicts between the passenger and the teller officer comes out at this point. In the rules and cases that are not in the hands of the traffic clerk. Collecting and storing through camera and computer without written rules will bring along various legal and humanitarian problems. toplan Legal dimension of workplace monitoring; the increase in workplace monitoring, the resulting disputes and many lawsuits have started to take place in the legal regulations of various countries. Although the legal arrangements of the US and EU countries generally indicate that businesses have the right to monitor the workplace, this right is limited in various ways. Businesses should obtain legal permission for long-term and wide-ranging monitoring, establish written policies on workplace monitoring, and include substances related to monitoring work contracts.
Any one of the TCDD should open the screen and examine all day records as they wish, and may cause legal problems such as violation of employee privacy and personality rights. The system of cameras should be extended to all workplaces as soon as possible.
TCDD should follow the rules of monitoring the camera with a written rule, in doing so, taking into consideration the human rights declaration, the ILO convention, the constitution and the personal rights in the law.

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