Students Travel to IETT's History

Students Travel to IETT's History
The exhibition titled “Journey to History - IETT with Photos”, created with black and white photographs selected from the IETT archive, met with the students.
The exhibition entitled "Journey to History - IETT with Photographs", featuring black and white photographs that attracted great attention in places where they were exhibited before, met with students at Doğa College. While the exhibition sheds light on the 142-year history of public transportation in Istanbul, students also travel through the 142-year history of IETT thanks to the exhibition. Among the photographs exhibited are horse-drawn trams, which are considered the milestone of public transportation in Istanbul, followed by electric trams, trolleybuses and buses.
The first subway work in the history of the world started with the London Underground, and the world's second Metro was opened in Istanbul as the 'Tunnel'. This opening and later modernization of the square frame photos, around Istanbul and Istanbulliler'nin changes to the present day with the images of the journey to the history of the exhibition at all Doğa College campuses were presented to the appreciation of teachers, students and parents.




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