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High speed train
Recently, blood pressure is very high in Kocaeli. The reason is the stone quarry to be established in Maşukiye. The fact that the raw material required for the construction of the High Speed ​​Train will be supplied from our region divided the city into two. Kocaeli Governor Ercan Topaca, who thinks that the investment to be made will not damage the environment, has already started his persuasion tours. Ercan Topaca, who thinks that the supply of materials from other quarries will drag Kocaeli's inner-city traffic into chaos, is difficult to do. Because environmentalists who find what they say are far from authentic and who act after action have already brought the issue to the agenda of Europe. This initiative of environmentalists who sent a report to the German Green Party, known for their sensitivity in the ecological field, may go as far as the cancellation of the loan for the high-speed train.
The effects of the event are not limited to this. While Abdullah Öztürk, the Provincial Director of Food, Agriculture and Livestock, who did not give the necessary signature for the opening of the quarry, went on leave with jet speed (!), Ak Party Deputy Sibel Gönül, who was also an architect, became the target of his party by taking sides with environmentalists. Sibel Gönül, who showed a clear attitude with the words "I don't want daggers to be stuck in our lungs", undoubtedly won the admiration of those who opposed. However, it is a matter of curiosity how long it will maintain this attitude against the central administration.
Now eyes are on Governor Topaca, who is known for his determined stance against events. He says that he licensed only 3 hearths during his 5-year tenure. 39 quarry applications are already waiting at his desk for approval. Governor Topaca expresses at every opportunity that he is sensitive about this issue and even that he has an OIZ idea to gather all these quarries together. Although he said that after 800 thousand tons of stones were bought, the region in Maşukiye will be greened again, the promises made by the people of Kocaeli are far from being credible. The reason is the report cards of the quarry operators who are obliged to restore the region according to the law.
As you can imagine, this report card is full of weaknesses Most quarry companies are moving away from the region without reinstating the area they are processing.
Research on the environment shows that the forest areas, which should be under the rule and disposition of the state, suffer greatly from the quarries. The tourism, agriculture and residential areas around it negatively affect. The accumulation of lime in the soil after blasting with dynamite for many years decreases the productivity of agricultural areas and affects underground and surface water negatively. I hope the 'environment' will be the winner of this discussion, which I think is supra-political.

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