Spaniards will tour Europe by high speed train | Spain France High Speed ​​Train (Video)

Spaniards travel by high-speed train to Europe | Spain France Fast Train
The high-speed train project that connects Spain to Europe is now real. The project, which will almost halve the distance between France and Spain, will start from April 2013. The train to depart from Barcelona, ​​the capital of the Autonomous Region of Catalonia, will be able to go to Poland at a high speed.
Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy believes that the project will contribute to the whole of Europe:
“We have a lot more than a simple railroad. We are confronted with one of the most ambitious and large infrastructure works ever carried out in our country. This strategic construction will be a new opportunity for the development of Catalonia, the rest of Spain and Europe. Bu
The first high-speed train from Barcelona to the French border will move on Wednesday. Next April, passengers from Perpignan, one of the southern cities of France, will be able to reach Barcelona quickly. The project, which is planned to be completed last year, will be completed with a one-year delay.

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