Snowfall in Paris affected rail transport

Snowfall in Paris affected rail transport
The heavy snowfall that affected Paris, the capital of France, paralyzed the transportation.
Due to heavy snowfall, 40 percent of scheduled flights at Roissy and Orly airports were canceled. At the two airports in the capital, there were long delays in flight services.
Heavy snowfall also canceled the bus service of the municipal bus. There were also significant delays in suburban and regular train services.
While the Air-France plane was canceled this morning, which made the Istanbul-Paris flight, THY's Istanbul-Paris plane was able to fly with a delay of 45 minutes.
The French meteorology service warned drivers because of the extreme cold expected in the evening today. The drivers were asked not to use motor vehicles unless they were required to do so.
Snowy and cold weather is expected to be effective throughout the country next week.

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