Sakarya Rail Train Sets for Disabled People

Sakarya Rail Train Sets for Disabled People
Mayor Toçoğlu, the name of the light rail system to be given the name of the social media asked his followers.
Mayor of Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Zeki Toçoğlu, said in a statement about the name of the city light rail system will be given a survey study, he said.
Emphasizing that there are some alternatives as name, Toçoğlu said, “AdaRay, Sakray, Ray54, KentRay, SaRay, SakaRay, ÇarkRay, RayAda, KentRay. Of course, these alternatives can be increased. ”
This service will benefit from the benefit of the citizens of Sakarya because of the work they do on Twitter to get their views on Toçoğlu, said:
We want our people to name this system. In this sense, we use social media. The names that our citizens will suggest are also our priority. Apart from that, we can also conduct a survey to reach more people and find the name that will suit Sakarya. We aim to expand this system at different points in our city. ”
Train sets for disabled people
Toçoğlu, stall work will be completed within a few days, then Adapazari-Arifiye reported that the voyage will start.
Toçoğlu pointed out that the train sets are air-conditioned, disabled and modern and comfortable, said:
”We make our stations ready with the works we have done in Kentpark, Mithatpaşa, 32 Evler, Terminal and Arifiye Bahçelievler on the city light rail system line. Bicycles can also be boarded on our train sets and the Metropolitan Municipality Smart Card Application System (Kart54) will be valid on our trains.
The work of these stops will be completed within a few days. Then we intend to start our urban light rail system project between Adapazarı and Arifiye.

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