rail track to be produced in different cities of Turkey

rail track to be produced in different cities of Turkey
Silkworm to produce Turkey's first indigenous tram rails to download and motorman's seat to the Bursa Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe, he said they had received orders in the production of high-speed train tracks from a lot of countries in Europe. Firms in Bursa aim to get a business between 20 and 2 billion dollars in the market, which is expected to reach 200 trillion dollars in 400 years.
With the vision of the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, Mechanical Engineer Recep Altepe, 3 started work years ago in Bursa, serious productions took place on the rail system. Durmazlar After the simulation tests of the low floor wagons to be used in the tram systems of the city, real physical tests were started in BURULAŞ facilities.
1 completed the physical test within the month, the vehicle will be able to enter the tender was recorded. Durmazlar The machine will be able to manufacture the wagon between 150 and 200 at its current factory in Bursa annually cheaper than 30 and 40 wagons from European companies.
Considering that the Ministry of Transport will soon begin to seek 51 locality in all public car purchase auctions with a regulation called Offset Law, Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe said, düzenleme The parts of the high speed train to be used in some projects in Europe are better than India we can start to produce in Bursa. We have put forward a vision of 3 year ago in Bursa, saying that railroad related wagons and all kinds of manufacturing can be done. Not only are cars in need of the municipalities in Turkey, we aim to produce products for use in cars and rail systems in Europe. At the point we arrived today, our wagon manufacturing was completed. We finish your tests. First of all, we will wander the streets of Bursa and then wander the streets of Germany in Europe. While doing this work in Bursa, Malatya, Konya, Ankara, Eskisehir, Sakarya, Denizli, as well as companies in many cities will contribute to our production companies. We have cadres capable of doing these rail system technologies well. Our factories are available. We believe that we will be advantageous in this sector because our costs are low compared to Europe. Maliyet
Durmazlar The test work of the first low-floor train with 50 material produced in machinery factories started at Burulaş product acceptance rails. European test experts will check the 1 month-long speed, incline grip, and international approval will be given to low-floor wagons, which can also be used on the Sculpture-City Square line. Together with President Recep Altepe and rail system consultant Taha Aydın Durmazlar's low - bottom wagons, using a tour of the domestic vehicles.
Taha Aydın pointed out that the rail system market is growing and said, erek There is a great market development especially in Middle Eastern countries. In 2013, the amount of the rail system tender to be made in Saudi Arabia is 465 million euros. This figure corresponds to the 650-700 million dollars. We are paying the big bucks as Turkey imports of these tools. A wagon we currently use in Bursaray is 8 million liras. 4 million pounds cost of an outgoing string each time the 32 vehicle meets. It 30 or 40 percent in Turkey to provide municipal services more cheaply, it is very important for the national economy. In this regard, the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology supports the work in Bursa,.

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