Balçova Cable Car Facilities Peeling

Balçova Cable Car Facilities Peeling
Balçova Cable Car Facilities, which was closed due to the rotten report prepared by the Chamber of Mechanical Engineers İzmir Branch in 2007, turned into wreckage when it remained unprotected.
The last operator terminated the contract, after evacuating the belongings of the gendarmerie in the area of ​​responsibility for the withdrawal of the guard, the thieves and looters worked
Balçova Teleferik Facilities, which were canceled due to various reasons, were taken out of ruin with the withdrawal of the last operator of the area and the guard at the Dede Mountain.
The company's gendarmerie with the goods of the keeper, along with the responsibility of withdrawal from the facilities, the thieves and looters worked. Thieves found the square empty, the plant officially plundered. Everything that has economic value was stolen.
Like a battlefield
Balçova Cable Car Facilities where the main electrical cables were stolen, the windows of the restaurants were broken and the floors were removed, returned to the battlefield. Many national television channels, including transmitters at the plant was cut into the transmitter stations, thieves, donors did not leave the material until the battery did not leave. What happened was not limited to this. The thieves stealing the transformers of the transmitters and even the diesel tanks in the generators caused the broadcasts to fail.
Engineer closed with report
Balçova Cable Car Facilities, Chamber of Mechanical Engineers Izmir Branch of the report prepared on the 2007 'life and property security' was closed on the grounds. The 5 tender issued by the Metropolitan Municipality for the repair of 3 in the year was canceled for various reasons.
With these developments, the people of İzmir were deprived of the pleasure of the ropeway especially during the weekends, while the facilities on the Dede Mountain remained uninhabited. And that worked for the thieves.
Time passed by cancellations
The process of converting the ropeway facilities into a snake story is as follows:
The tender held in February 2012 was awarded to STM System Teleferik Montage and Turizm A.Ş., which gave the lowest bid of 10 million 225 thousand liras. kazanwas. Doppelmayr Seilbahnen Gmbh company, which made the highest bid in the tender with 14 million 400 thousand liras, objected to the Public Procurement Authority (KİK). On 09 April 2012, the KİK canceled the tender on the grounds that the approximate cost calculation of the municipality was incorrect and that it should be calculated one by one based on unit prices.
Paused execution
Upon the cancellation of the tender, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality made a new tender on June 07, 2012. The three companies, STM Teleferik, Doppelmayr, Leitner, as well as the Batholet company participated in the tender. Meanwhile, STM Teleferik took the decision of the KİK on the cancellation of the tender to the court. Ankara 14th Administrative Court found the objection of the firm to be justified and suspended the execution of the decision of the KİK, which canceled the tender. Thereupon, the Metropolitan Municipality did not receive financial offers in the 7rd tender held on April 3.
Waiting for new post
The decision that paved the way for the municipality came from the GCC. The JCC sent a letter to the Metropolitan Municipality and asked the Ankara 14th Administrative Court to implement the 'suspension of execution' decision. Thereupon, the Metropolitan Municipality canceled the 4th tender for which it received its offers. Then he notified the cancellation decision to the companies participating in the tender. In the meantime, the JCC objected to the decision of the Ankara 14th Administrative Court for the stay of execution before the Regional Administrative Court. Saying that 'everything is okay, this time the Regional Administrative Court overturned the suspension of execution decision given by the Ankara 14th Administrative Court. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has decided to start the tender preparations after this development. However, the final verdict came before the decision was implemented. Ankara 14th Administrative Court completely annulled the decision of the PPL, which it previously suspended. This paved the way for the construction of the facility. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality is now waiting for the letter from the GCC to invite STM to sign a contract. As soon as the letter "Apply the court decision" from the JCC reaches the Metropolitan Municipality, the contract will be signed with the company that won the tender, and then the site will be delivered. The facility will be put into service in the first months of 365 with its renewed form after 2014 days.
Capacity will increase
With the new system to be installed in the Balçova Cable Car Facilities, the landing capacity will be increased to 400 thousand 2 per hour. Thus the annual carrying capacity 400-500 will rise to a thousand people. The old four-seater passenger cabins will be replaced by 600 cabinets. In the new ropeway line, the automation system stops the cabs automatically and immediately interferes. The ticket halls at the entrance of the facility will be renewed within the scope of the tender. Studies will be completed in a year. With the completion of the lift, the social facilities in this area will be reconsidered and saved.

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