Automobile Entered the Construction of Bursa Nostalgic Tram

Automobile Entered the Construction of Bursa Nostalgic Tram
Nostalgic tram construction in Bursa, which is under construction, the car was rescued by the surrounding citizens. Half of the opened car in the channel without any measures taken by the Turkish style, manpower was rescued.
The incident occurred in the center of Osmangazi district Altiparmak Street 00.30 ranks occurred. 16 EP 027 car driver Yusuf Ozkok, Altiparmak Street from the direction of the direction of the locust, the construction of the ongoing nostalgic tram line was unable to notice the excavated channel. Özkök, who could not save his car from falling to the channel despite braking at the last moment, asked for help to remove his car. Recovery from the ideas produced by the surrounding citizens with the support provided by the wheels was unsuccessful. Then, if you want to retreat with another vehicle, the rope did not last longer and was broken. Lastly, manpower was applied. With the help of a few people from the front of the vehicle removed from the front part, was removed from the channel. The people who helped with the rescue of the car from the channel experienced great joy. Ozkok, who dropped the car from the channel thank you very much.

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  1. Your story is just copy and paste, you'd better research it before you write. Is there a nostalgic tram construction in Bursa, so let the vehicle enter the construction. Construction of the mentioned T1 line.