Cable car or donkey ride to Mount Nemrut

📩 24/11/2018 11:37

Cable car or donkey ride to Mount Nemrut

In modern historical places, there are (!) Fruit trees that we do not know.

It is used to transport people in difficult and rugged geographical structures! ...

It works with electricity, its volume is capable of holding three or four people, it is comfortable, comfortable and goes from above the ground a little! ...

But when they say no, they don't fly like a plane! There is a strip attached to two points, they go along the strip.

This fruit is not seen in Kâhta, but this is defined as such.

Yes, the location is transported by cable car to people who come to visit the rugged modern dates.

This is always the case.

However, you cannot find the footprints of modernism in the underdeveloped dates.

Too much talk gevezeI do not play; I'm talking about nemrut.

Behold, our country with the unique stance of tens of thousands of local and foreign tourists are attracted and attracted to the place, it is here.

I'm old at this age, and I'm still not sure why people don't have a ropeway system.

Illa Uludag ski resort should be like that should be done.

I've devoted my life to solving math and physics questions, I solved tens of thousands of unknown math equations, I've taken care of it, but I still haven't figured out why the ropeway system wasn't introduced!

I call it backward history, because most of them don't know how to go out with a cable car to the place we call a great world wonder çoğu

Misconduct is not due to the geographic conditions are not out of wholly, nor the ropeway would be needed anyway.

But also back from saying "wonder of the world" and saying "wonder of the world" durmazlar.

Tens of thousands of people from all colors of the world who are curious about history come to see the wonder of the world, but in short, they are carried to the place by donkey!

Maybe a donkey ride is better for a "Japanese" than a cable car ...

He's more modern than us, he's a quarter century away from me, but maybe he never saw a donkey in his life, and I'm just a pity he didn't ride because he didn't see a donkey.

When she comes out with a donkey, she'il be happy like a child.

But now enough for such insensitivity! ...


Gundi you do not have pure Anatolian children inside and outside.

It's gone, gentlemen.

There are minds who ask, asking and asking for an account.

Principal, the gentleman has entered the garbage of history.

We are not children, we are not so bad! ...

The Mount Nemrut of Adiyaman?

Malatya? They kept saying.

Ranta and Ranta fight, they went to the velvet.

They couldn't fix the Miskale.

I am not an economist, I do not understand the money-budget, but UNESCO-approved historical heritage and the world's XRUMX mountain, which is considered to provide comfort to the mountain of a cable car system will not ruin the budget of the state.

No need to read economics!

I call upon our Minister of Culture, Mr. Ertuğrul Günay, our esteemed deputies Mehmet Metiner and Ahmet Aydın Beyler, our Mayor Yusuf Turanlı Bey.

And I call the governor and the governor, whose name I cannot distract.

Well, the government has given you the authority.

Bring this shame away.

Work, do not eat, eat, drink, sleep.

If Nemrut has a historical structure and this is history,

If we swell our chest,

You can also remove this shame and make history by marking the date.

Be the pride of medar.

Let us note the scene of history.

This is what I want as a young Teacher.

That is all…

Not much!…

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